Where Can I Get Championship Videos

Does anyone know of a website, other than SOAP, that would have the videos of the national championship semis and finals? The SOAP website has every match except the national semis and finals tournament (the links don’t work).


Jeff Alpert

Hey Jeff, No one on your team video’d the matches? you had such a huge cheering section. Anyway, I have the matches on TIVO and when I get a chance I will be transfering them to my computer. If you cant find them in a few days let me know and I will see what I can get to you.


I’m actually a mentor to the team, and I go to college in New Jersey (so I watched all the matches on the webcast). I’m sure the team has videos of the matches, but since I won’t be going home for another month, I won’t be able to see them for a while. This is the first year I haven’t gone to nationals, so as you can guess, I’m really itching to watch those matches again!

Please don’t go to any extra trouble for me . . . I’ll simply email SOAP and ask them to update the website.

Thanks again for your offer,

Jeff Alpert

bummer you couldnt be there. It was intense, although you guys are probably used to it

well i dunno how much help this is but matt from team 195 put this together

there is only archie mayches right now but im sure hell have the rest soon.



Would anyone happen to have video footage of the Archimedes alliance selection? I need it to finish a video.


this is incomplete for some reason (it only goes up to the #6 alliances second pick) but it may be of some help to you.

(a right click, “save as” will work on this, my server doesnt seem to like giving downlaod pop-ups)

does any one have vidoes of the semis b/w the divisions i would love to see a video of my bot in there… i couldnt really see much during the matches…