where can i get the music they played at atlanta

i cant find the music they played in atlanta… i googled and couldnt find anything. can somone help me out?

Which music? Which field, about when, and any lyrics you can remember would make it easier to help you.

The best way I have found to find a song is to type part of the lyrics in google then add plus + lyrics.

IE: “where I used to sit and talk with you” + lyrics

Yields “Ocean Avenue” by Yellowcard when put into google.

The only other good was is if you have the song playing an a Verizon phone with VCast, the phone can listen to it and figure out the song/artist pretty accurately.


That was the playlist in 2006, I know they still play alot of those songs. Hope it helps.

Best application ever!!!:smiley:
It identified 90% of the songs played during awards ceremonies at the 3 regionals I used it at EVEN over all the noise of the crowd.