Where can i purchase a Gyro?

Ok, my team has finally decided to buy a gyro. We want to know what our restrictions are. I’ve gone over the rule book a couple of times, and i don’t see it. If you guys could tell me where to find the stuff on buying a gyro, please tell me. If you’d like to post up directly, that would be fine too :smiley:

Make sure it fits through the parts flow chart :slight_smile: That’s about all the help I can offer…Did you search through the questions and answers though and here at Chief Delphi?

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lol, sry about that. My thread name is just to attract people to come here. Caps usually get more people to come because our eyes mostlikely are more attracted to things that look different than everything else. But back to topic…

Unfortunatly caps usually just piss people off - it represents yelling or screaming so…use it sparingly. :slight_smile:

According to our mentor - you can use any gyro that fits within the costs reqs.

ah, thank you.

Please check the following thread.

You may purchase the gyros directly from Analog Devices, www.analog.com or digi-key, www.digikey.com. Analog Devices provides evaluation boards, for their gyro product line, which will let you wire it fairly easily.
The parts of interest are the ADXRS300EB, the ADXRS150EB, and the ADXRS401EB. These are the evaluation boards and have the following sensitivity: 300°/sec, 150°/sec, and 75°/sec, respectively.
I just checked digi-key’s site and the 150EB is in stock.
I would recommend going to Radio Shack and buying a soldereable breadboard. Actually buy a 20-pin IC socket (also at R Shack) and solder it to the board. In this way, you can easily remove the sensor. Solder a PWM cable to the breadboard, as described by Kevin Watson, http://kevin.org/frc/. You should be good to go.