Where can we buy Chiaphua Motors?

Does anyone know where to buy chiaphua motors? we’ve been searching forever and can’t find anyone who sells them.

Here is a post i found on the forums, dont know if it is still possible to purchase them, but it’s worth a try. :slight_smile:


We have available Chiaphua motors, reference part number PC-44F-1001. Any
teams interested in purchasing additional motors should forward a purchase
order to:

Marcus Sales Associates
PO Box 65
Glen Head, NY 11545

Your Purchase Order should include the following:

Chiaphua Part Number: PC-44F-1001
Unit Cost: $25.00 each
Quantity Ordered:
Total Order Amount:
Ship To Address:
Customer Phone Number:
Customer UPS Account #:
Method of Shipping: Regular/Blue/Red

We ask all teams to provide a UPS Account number to cover the cost of
shipping. If an account number is not available all motors will be shipped
COD including the shipping costs. Please make sure a check is available at
the time of delivery. Leadtime for delivery will be 3-5 days after receipt
of order. If you want to expedite your order, please fax a copy of the order
to 516 671 7610 and mail the original to the address noted above.


Best Regards,

Ed Prevot