Where can we buy FIRST Game Piece

Is AndyMark the only place we can buy the FIRST game pieces? Currently they are out of stock till the 18th.

My guess would be yes, unfortunately that is kinda the name of the game. You may be about to at least find some circle one that are similar at other stores. I look into it and post a follow up.

I’m finding it hard to believe that - yet again - FIRST has failed in the basic constraint of having readily available or constructed game pieces for testing and for running non-official events. I would think we’d have learned this lesson 2 years ago with the orbit balls. It’s not as if these game pieces (or the expected demand for them) is coming as a surprise - or that they haven’t known for months they’d need them. A basic requirement for EVERY FIRST game should be that the field and game pieces should be either easily constructed or readily available throughout the build season.

It does look like AndyMark is the only supplier for now.
Here is the link for those interested:

Although, the round ones are probably pretty close to '07 if you still have some around, and those may be easier to find from third parties.

Here is my post in another similar thread. I propose that we use that other thread to consolidate this discussion.