Where can we buy or find out how to make the new floor, rigolith?

First, I was wondering if rigolith is an actual material, or a named coined by FIRST because I found a few places that said rigolith is actual moon dust and rocks. Second, is there anyway of getting ahold of this material, whether it is sold somewhere or whether it can be made out of something.

try “Glasliner FRP” there is a company selling it but i dont know if that is exactly what first will use.

I don’t think FIRST wants us to practice before regionals… anyway,

I’m sure it’s not available from Lowe’s or Home Depot, and is probably quite expensive.

Actually, our local Home Depot carries Glasliner FRP (Longmont, CO). The stuff is used to line bathroom walls.

It seems to me that rigolith is a coined phrase, as the actual material appears to be textured acrylic. It is easily obtainable through Midland Plastics also.

hmmm… thank you…

i m sure wants to FIRST wants us to practice before a regional…i mean the Virginia FIRST has a sponsor that will actually build a practice field

yes, but we’re not all that lucky.

Kevin Ross told us at the Seattle area kickoff that it’s available at Home Depot, for around $36 per 4’ x 8’ sheet. Making a whole practice field would probably blow the budget of even a fairly rich team, but if every team in an area buys a few sheets for their own initial practicing, you could put them all together for scrimmage.

He also told us that FIRST hasn’t yet given out any information on how the sheets should be attached together – he said they’re still figuring that out. Duct tape is not the solution.

This is going to be a very interesting year. Good luck, all, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Wall liner paneling at home depot.

Has anyone found where teams can purchase the moon balls?

more simply walmart

Just wondering…i know it’s not the thread to say this in but… would Teflon sheets work just as good?

does anyone know the coefficient of friction for the floor? this would be really helpful…

well… asphault has a mu of about .12 coefficient so they said it’s a 6th of that so maybe .02?

Regolith is the surface of a rock. The actual flooring material is about $1000 for a full field. See if other teams can pitch in a few bucks and share it with them.

for the friction coefficient wouldn’t it be a combination of the coefficient of the wheels and the floor surface. not sure if im right but it makes sense in my head

coefficient of friction is .05 and .1 laterally if memory serves

From the Kit Of Parts Manual:

The tread material is Celcon M90, and has the following coefficients of friction on white, rippled fiberglass plastic sheet

Inline, static: 0.06
Inline, dynamic: 0.05
Transverse, static: 0.14
Transverse, dynamic: 0.10

what i think would be the best plan would be to just find the slickest floor you can find in your school/build area.

a few ideas we came up with

freshly waxed floor
woodshop floor, once you get sawdust on it, and sweep it up, boy that is like ice.
Ice Rink