Where can you find 1 1/4 schedule 40 iron pipe for an Infinite Recharge practice field

I am working on building the practice field for my team for the infinite recharge game, but we are struggling to find the 1 1/4 schedule 40 iron pipe to create the generator switch practice element. I was wondering if any of you have found where you can buy it.

Thank you for helping if you can

Home Depot has some. Based on the OD measurement, it appears to be Schedule 40.

Our local Lowe’s says they have it in stock and we are picking it up tomorrow but the Home Depot site says at least 100 miles away so take from that what you wish.

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We were able to find and purchase our pipe at Menards. I physically measured what Home Depot had and found it to be out of spec for a schedule 40 pipe (note: they were not claiming it was but the employee helping me was not sure).

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What’s your location? There should be a metal supplier somewhere around you.

At the kickoff, they said this was typical theatrical truss, but spec theatre battens are either 1 and 1/2 or 2 inches in diameter.

We were going to use our theatre pipes. I guess we will venture out this week as well. However, it stands to reason that if one has a clamping mech that works on 1 (costume rack pipe), and 1 and 1/2 inch batten, the 1 and 1/4 will not be a difficulty.

So, perhaps, talking to a school’s drama department may be a potential solution after all.

(Sorry for the stream-of-consciousness)
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Not sure of the exact OD you are looking for but 1-1/4" schedule 40 iron pipe would be an electrical pipe. It’s available for plumbing but no one uses it so it won’t be carried anywhere. 1-1/4" rigid metal conduit is 1.660" o.d. (42.16mm)

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I thought they meant the aluminum metal frame holding the power generator up was the theatrical truss

It’s also cheaper, lighter and easier to work with. We built our pyramid out of it in 2013. Just don’t weld it without the proper equipment.

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Probably. That makes more sense.

The game manual says the Rung is 1 1/4" schedule 40 aluminum pipe. You probably don’t want to use iron.

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The team field build instructions specify black iron.

OK. Don’t know why you would use something heavier and harder to work with…

…and with a different coefficient of friction.

The main reason I can think of, is that you can probably find steel pipe that size.

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Our Home Depot has the pipe materials and can also cut it for you if needed.

I did a little poking around the internet, and Industrial Metal Supply (there’s a store 80 miles from me) lists 1-1/4" sch 40 aluminum pipe. So, we could probably get some there.

We used black pipe, it worked very well. I picked it up at Menards myself. The black pipe is going to be more cost effective for a practice field and is easier to attach with the two floor flanges. Look at my post to see how we did it.