Where did all the "bad call" threads go this year?

I don’t mean to dig up skeletons here, but last year we had 1 2 3 threads on triple play’s robot-robot interaction rule wind up in the moderated forum, and some other threads raised as much controversy as any of these three. In 2004, a handful of similar threads ended up in the moderated forum. It seems that in 2006, while there has been some lively discussion on the rules, there has been very little in the way of complaints specific robot-robot interaction calls. Neither have there been any calls to rewrite <G22>. This year, the game designers have clarified the rules on robot-robot interaction and made them much less broad. The result: fewer controversial “judgment calls”, more superb officiating, and less bickering on these forums.

I tip my cap to the game designers for a well written rule that has nipped the seemingly annual controversy over “aggressive play” disqualificatons in the bud. We ought to give credit where credit is due.

I second that. The improvement this year was so very noticeable. Thanks to everyone involved.


I disagree there have been some inflamatory posts made this season. Most of them have ended because the majority of people on teams involved in the end acted civily.

I believe this years rules do cover enought that if people read them clearly most will understand what is allowed and what is not.

I have not seen a single tipping or ramming penalty called. Which is on the whole, much better than calling too many. But I did see a couple instances where a ramming penalty would have been proper and they did not call it. In any case though, I think this year is much better than last.

I know that I’ve heard a couple of “illegal contact outside the bumper zone” penalties called, but nothing like the giant penalties of last year.

There have been very few of the “Aftermatch Arguements” from what i have seen and heard. A few questions with some emotions behind them but nothing like last year. Kudos to the game design crew.