Where did my question on the Q&A forum go?

So, I posed a bumper question early this week on the official Q&A forum. Shortly after, FRC111 posted a similiar question and I have been waiting for the answer to either.

So, I log in today and both the questions are missing… They are just totally gone…

From my understanding, the question and replies will be posted at the same time. Until then they are hidden.

Oh…they must have just turned that on because I saw my question all week with replies 0 until I looked today (I don’t remember if I checked yesterday).

You would think it would be better to be able to see the questions others are posting to stop duplicate posts…even if there is no answer yet.

So if you asked before they did this, then check in the appropriate forum or if you did it after they did this, a moderator might not have approved this yet…

Hope that helps :slight_smile: