Where did you get the name for your robot?

Just wondering how does that run come up with a name for the robot, for my year, 2014, it was so simple, and kind of funny. We were watching videos in the robotics room, and a cheetos commercial came on. We were watching it, right at the end, about 25 seconds, The cheetos guy said “bull’s-eye” and that’s where we got the idea just like that. It fit perfectly. http://youtu.be/HqQZH4Q6UNc Skip to 25 seconds

Nothing quite so neat for us.

First year: simply a Leet spelling of the school mascot: T1G3R, which ultimately goes back to the legendary ferocity of a unit of the Louisiana militia which fought for the Confederacy in the 1860s. The “official” name of the robot each year has been to raise this to the second, third, or fourth power.

Second year: no nickname, simply T1G3R2.

Third year: Our prototype robot was literally framed in 2"x4"s and 2"x2"s, and (mentor) Lester began referring to it as “Woody”. Someone used a soldering iron to burn “Andy” into the wood. When we built the competition 'bot with a much cooler aluminum and steel frame, and we included some green LED lighting into the “shoulders”, naming it “Buzz” was a natural.

Fourth (latest) year: We had decided that pre-build that we would build “twin” robots. Early in the process, we intentionally asked for names, at a mostly programming meeting. At that point, the prototype robot was named Atlas, and the competition robot Peabody. Unfortunately, the names got assigned to the radios, not the robots. Like many sets of twins through the years, no one at this point is really sure which was really Atlas and which was really Peabody, or even whether the one we used at competition is the one we’re now using for demos, or is the one we mostly disassembled.

El Toro XVIII was our latest, I believe. We just add another numeral each year.


We voted on it.
Every year we have team members submit candidates for the team to vote on (we prefer cat themes or with an X in it).
This year’s winner was XCycler.

Our robot this year was named “Rampage” because of the backloading ramp we had. By far the best robot name we’ve ever had is “Swagin Dragon” in 2014.

The main sponsor of the Garnet Squadron is the University of South Carolina Engineering School and in kind the university is known for when we play football the school plays Sandstorm to amp the crowd up for kickoffs. It’s actually a signature song at Carolina and not only that it’s popular to hear at FRC Regionals obviously. We’ve named our robots for the last two seasons Sandstorm I & II respectively (There was even a Sandstorm 0 during our pre-rookie season). Whether or not we continue that naming convention this year will be decided by our students come January.

We started as a team for the two Downingtown PA High Schools: East and West. So our robot is named DEWBOT for Downingtown East and West roBOT.

We are no longer affiliated with the Downingtown School District, but we’ve kept the robot name.

2011: Hiking Viking - named after the team’s driver who was from Norway
2012: Admiral II - named after the former San Antonio Spur David Robinson, nicknamed the Admiral
2013: Twister - named after the the helical mechanism used to bring disks up from the ground to the shooter
2014: Sky Shot - I honestly have no idea. Probably because it shot the ball
2015: El Toro - named after the robot’s resemblance of a bull getting ready to charge

2014: Smaug - we thought it fit well with our team name (FIRE) because Smaug is a dragon
2015: Debbie - it comes from the Spongebob episode where he finds the seahorse
“She seems mysterious, so I’ll call her Mystery. Come to think of it, she also seems graceful and majestic. Maybe I should call her Grace, or Majesty, or Debbie.”

2014 - Oregon trail - named it that because of the dome over the electronics that made it resemble something off it.

2015 - Dozer Jr. - named in remembrance of our lost friend

2015(off-season WIP) - Dozer Sr. - intended to be our lost friends father. Bigger, more powerful, but not as cute.

Over the years we’ve had different names for different reasons.
2005…“MB” a student suggested “MB” for mechanical Bronco.
The school mascot is a Bronco horse…later we remembered that
the initials of the students name that came up with the idea were
the same…Mills Babb…go fiqure.
2006…We had so much trouble getting it to run right we ended up
calling it “Trouble”…odd thing is its been running like a “Timex”
watch ever since and its still going today…even after they ran the
thing off the stage at the high school.
2007…“Bleep” One of the students came up with the idea since we
couldn’t use a Cuss word for it.
2008…never had a name…and didn’t make it to finals. Oddly over the
years every robot we name makes it to finals and those we don’t…
don’t go to finals.
2009…did not build that year.
2010…no name…one of the mentors keeps calling it “the robot that
shall not be named” sorta a Harry Potter reference.
2011…“Bleep Jr.”…named this because it was so much like the
2007 robot.
2012…“Trouble II” because it was a little like the original
“Trouble” and game.
2013…“Secretariat” for a couple different reasons…It was
a horses name which fit in with the school mascot…Also
it was the name of a famous winning race horse and lastly
it was the name of the goofy horse that used to show up on
the old Craig Ferguson show. “Whos at the door?”
2014…This one was named after me in a way as a joke and also Frank
Merrick. One of our mentors kept calling me “Frank” in stead
of “Hank” by mistake…We decided to call it “Frank” because
of that mainly…but also “Frank Underwood” from “House of
Cards” became popular that year and it fit and when we went
to Worlds Frank Merrick visited us in the pits and signed it.
(Woodie signed it too! He had signed it earlier at VCU)
2015…“Todd”…for a running joke we’ve had with team 2363.
Their main scout was a student whos first name is “Todd” and
sometimes he didn’t want to pick us for finals…then oddly we’d
go on to beat 2363 in finals. This year we finally played with
them in finals at VCU and won.

Francois, after Francois Castaing.

Our robot names and reasoning… (keep in mind team name is “The flying toasters”

2011- ‘Brave little toaster’ - it was our first year as an FRC team.

2012- ‘Patriot toaster’ - we ended up using (from coincidence) a lot red, white, and blue parts.

2013- ‘Pop Tart’ - after Worlds, our driver while we were unloading the robot said “let’s call it pop tart” and it stuck.

2014- ‘Pizza Bagel’ - again, after our last competition, we just decided to call it pizza bagel while unloading for the last time. Just because… :stuck_out_tongue:

2015- ‘Daedalus’ - Reason 1: Greek God ‘Daedalus’ was locked in a tower and had to build a pair of metal wings in order to escape (we are the Flying toasters and the toaster in our logo has metal wings).
Reason 2: Dota (cool item, high damage, ect.)
Plus it’s just a cool name… :smiley:

IIRC, Daedalus isn’t a god. Cool name though. That man was quite the engineer.

Curiously enough, Dawgma has kept a record of our robot names and reasoning through the years, which is how I know some names/reasons that were around far before I joined the team. Here they are, as best I remember:

2006: Dawgma I
Pretty self-evident. We didn’t continue the naming convention.

2007: Deuce
Named for its dual function/versatility.

2008: Galactus
Named after a comic book character, the “Devourer of Worlds” - we thought the trackball was world-like, 'cause it was so big.

2009: Alice
Named after Randy Pausch’s teaching tool, a computer program that taught kids how to program. Our team had been influenced by Randy Pausch in our early years, through Rich Kressly, our founding mentor.

2010: Darwin
Something about how our program was evolving…
I don’t quite remember.

2011: Geoffrey
We thought that our elevator would look like a giraffe as it telescoped up to score tubes. Reality proved our thinking wrong.

2012: Darryl
Now I know a bit more backstory about this one. We named Darryl after a star player on Lower Merion’s basketball team - but there’s more to it than that. Lower Merion has a storied basketball tradition, in fact, Kobe Bryant came from LM. How, you might ask yourself, did 1712 let this robot go by without naming it “Robe Bryant”? Not only did we have an actual reason to name our robot after Kobe, but his people had even given us permission! Eventually, I believe we decided against it to avoid associating ourselves with some of Kobe’s off the court actions.

2013: Oddjob
Named after the James Bond character who throws his hat like a frisbee.

2014: Peter the Great Egg
A consensus name, we literally mashed together the two names that had exactly equal support: Peter the Great, and Eggy. Peter the Great came because Peter the Great had founded St. Petersburg in 1712, and Eggy came from the way our robot treated the ball.

2015: Kaylee
“Shiny”! We named Kaylee after the Firefly character of the same name, who often said that things were “Shiny”. One of our programmers mentioned in passing how shiny the robot looked, and the name stuck. Though I should mention that Kaylee did not actually receive the majority of votes for a name; our captain wisely vetoed “OG Forklift”.

Torbots use names that have, or can be mis-typed to have, TOR in them.

Given the game this year, “JaniTOR” was a natural fit.

Keep in mind our team name is the Channel Cats so we like to use fishy names. We also like to use something related to the game or build season.

2002 - WIB (What Isn’t Broken).

2010 - Chum Chucker also Chummy for short (the game was soccer).

2012 - Bascat (A Bass is a fish) (Cat goes with Channel Cats) (and it’s a play on words for Basket since the game was basketball).

2013 - Fishbee (It has fish in it) (also a play on words for frisbee).

2014 - Chum Chucker II.

2015 - TAD Pole (Named for one of the acronyms we used early on in build season for the Tote Manipulation Device) (also a Tadpole is a little like a fish).

Check out our other robots here http://frc1094.org/index.php/robot

We’ve stuck with the theme that the real robot has to have an Aussie themed name while the prototype can have a funny name. Generally the prototype robot’s name is determined by whatever becomes adopted, we never officially decide on it. In contrast, we create a spreadsheet where anyone can add potential names for the real robot. These names are then voted on by the whole team before adoption.

In the past we’ve had:
2010 - Wombot
2011 - That’s Not A Knife(called T-NAK) and mini-bot spoon
2012 prototype - Mothslayer (One night while testing a moth dropped out of the air after we shot the ball!)
2012 - MATE (stands for MATE and the Engineers)
2013 prototype - 10 CIMs
2013 - Ikara (Aboriginal for throwing stick)
2014 prototype - Enterprise (The original catapult looked a bit like the star ship)
2014 - Maloo (Aboriginal for thunder)
2015 prototype - Cockroach (It looked like it had antenna)
2015 - Kosciuszko (the tallest mountain in Australia)

Prior to 2011, robots went unnamed

2011: Ducky. Robot was cute, small, and harmless on the field.
2012: Sue. Named to honor our Lead Mentor’s wife’s contributions to the team, by putting up with our lead mentor’s regular late nights.
2013: Link. Had an absurdly large linkage, which could probably do just as much damage as it’s Nintendo namesake.
2014: Sailor Peg. Dropkick Murphy’s reference. First year of New England districts, built with the intent of “Shipping up to Boston” for NE Champs, to “find it’s wooden leg” (first and last 1687 robot with no wood onboard aside from bumpers). Sadly, it only shipped to Boston for offseasons.
2015: Whiteout. New team with white as a predominant color, and built in the most snow-impacted season I’ve ever been a part of.