Where did you get your team's flag?

To teams with a flag, I’ve got some questions

  1. Where did you get your flag from?
  2. How many flags did you order?
  3. How much did you pay for them?

After researching a bunch of different companies, we ordered our current flag (3’ x 5’, double-sided, hemmed) from http://www.aaaflag.com/ about six years ago. We wanted a flag that was durable and I can say it has definitely held up over the years. IIRC, our quote was somewhere around the $200 price point, including the pole.

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Did you find the pole necessary? I thinking that you could drill some holes in some pvc pipe.

Thanks for the link. That is some website. :smiley:

We preferred using the company’s recommended solution and it has held up over time (in addition to not being terribly heavy for the emcees to wave around). However, depending on the type of flag you order, e.g. if it has a sewn pole sleeve of the right diameter or grommets in the corners, you can create your own method of pole attachment.

It’s been around forever and no one remembers, so I think we can safely assume it was gifted to us by the spirit of FRC itself.


I’m not sure how unusual this is, but team 2412 makes our own flags. We find it is light-years cheaper, far more unique, and more customizable. We got a large wooden poll from the store, and some red fabric and then painted and cut and sewed into place. We find it turned out really well, and has lasted years. Although it does require some artsy people.

Our school also has a graphics department, where we make cheeper, less unique flags with PVC tubes for our crowd to wave. Both of these options are far more cost effective than any online supplier that we have seen.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

P.S I will take some pictures this Saturday when I get a chance to get into our shop and add some pictures!

Our flag is homemade, sewn by a mom at some point. I’d guess around 2008. It is a light satin-y material. Also on a wooden pole.

We have pennants for the crowd to wave. They are felt material that is folded over and sewn at the end which slide over small wood dowels. The logo and words are screen printed onto the material. We’ve asked the local screenprinter about upgrading soon as they are beginning to get a little ragged.

We got our flag made by FastSigns. They donated that and our pit banner to us so it was at no charge, which you could always try and get as well. They did mess up the design a bit but I think that was due to an error in the graphic because it was a pretty small raster image. The pole is just a flag pole we bought probably from Home Depot.

Could work, if you had a fairly small light flag. However, as the flags get bigger and heavier, the PVC needs to do the same, and it’s going to be nicer to switch to wood or metal.

As an exercise, if you want to have some engineering-type fun: Find the total bending moment on a flagpole. Use the drag force of a 3’x5’ flag, and the mass of the flag (material dependent–try about 5 lb) at its CG when fully extended, to create the moment. Assume the flag is being carried by an MC who is running with it at 10 ft/s. I can probably help with the math when it’s not late at night. I think you’ll find that there’s a surprising amount of force generated by those flags–there’s also a considerable acceleration when the flag is being waved back and forth, which I’m not including in the exercise.

I do know that Mark Leon broke a flag’s pole, apologized to the team, and helped them through similar math to redesign their pole.

Homemade, sewn by a mentor-mom. Another vote from our team. We’ve even left it behind at championship in St Louis, 2012 I think. Another team found it in behind in the bin at clean-up,then tracked down our team and mailed the folded flag back to us months later. GP