Where do I find digital module 1?

Im creating a non drive victor motor in the Begin.vi, how to i insert digital module 1, where can i find it? Thanks!


Physically? On your cRIO, it will be module NI 9403. You’re digital sidecar should be connected to it via a ribbon cable.

Digital Module 1 just indicates that the Crio’s second slot holds the Digital Module that this motor you’re creating will use.
It’s the default so you don’t even have to specify it.

In the Begin.vi, I have everything set up. However, there should be a “digital module 1” connected to my PWM



ohhh, gotcha, thanks again!

Right-click on the Motor Open vi’s “Digital Module” terminal and choose Create -> Constant from the pop-up menu. It’ll give you an enumerated constant with the choices of Digital Module 1 and Digital Module 2.

As Mark said, though, If you don’t wire anything to that terminal, it will default to Module 1. You need to change it to Module 2 only if you have installed a second DIO module in the cRIO and an associated second Digital Sidecar.

I have a related question, if I were to program a single motor and place under Digital Module 2, then this would essentially mean that I am wiring the motor to second digital sidecar which the NI 9403 is in slot 4. Our team has 2 digital sidecars since we have 13 motors on our robot so I am trying to program some of the motors on a second digital sidecar.

Yes. The second NI 9403 would be in slot 4 on the 4 slot cRIO or slot 6 in the 8 slot cRIO.

Fine. What is it?