Where do I get a password for inventor?

Appreciate any help on this… I requested a password on Autodesk’s FirstBase page, but they only sent an email suggesting that our primary contact has it, which we don’t. How do we go about getting this? Anyone have a phone number for a contact at Autodesk who may be able to assist with this?


We have a similar problem. I am the main contact in the TIMS database, but get the following message when trying to login to the Autodesk FIRSTbase:

*The information provided is not on record with the FIRST database.

Team Number: 2052
Team Email: <my email>

The FIRST database is synchronized with the Autodesk FIRSTbase database every 24 hours. Please try again later or contact your FIRST representative to ensure your team is registered with FIRST. You must be the main contact for the team in order to initially activate the team on this site. If you entered your team number or email incorrectly please click here here to try again.*

I have been registered as the main contact since Monday morning. I believe our original main contact may have registered the team 2 years ago, but no one really used it since. He does not have the password, and when he tried to log in got the same message. Incidentally, when the students select "Click here if you do not know your team password to send an email to your main contact requesting your team password." - it sends me an email telling me to provide them with the password. So their system is recognizing me as the main contact for that item but not the other.

I would appreciate any help; I haven’t been able to find a phone number to call, and my multiple emails from their “contact us” page have gone unanswered.

FWIW, Autodesk did eventually respond to my “contact-us” message, but my OS’es are unsupported – Win 2000 and Linux. :frowning: