Where do I go to report web spoofers?

I got an email from some person that I believe was trying to steal information from me by trying to collect information through a form. Anyone know where I can report this too besides Yahoo?

if you get a tracer or something and trace them then contact their isp who will close their account down if you have proof

Find out who owns and hosts the site the form was on then contact them and the next tier up.

You should also report it to the site that was spoofed. The companies have many more resources to go after the scammer then you do.

OK… for future reference here is almost all you need to know.

If the e-mail came from what seemed to be a reputable company ie: ebay

  1. Those companies have e-mail addresses you can send the “spoof e-mail” to so they can look into it whenever.
    For ebay it is spoof AT ebay.com
    For other spoof e-mails, look up the address that it came to you as.
    Some fake emails mask their e-mails, so this is a little tricky.

For example, there is a way to expand your options in your e-mails as I have shown below in the attachment.

This is a fake e-mail I got that was from “ebay” supposedly.

But, although the line that is title From, and Reply to: says that it comes from ebay, the real address this came from is in the area that says Return Path.

In cases like these, ebay advises you to forward the spoof to them and delete it from your inbox.

But… If you know who it is really from already, you can do a “Whois.com”](http://whois.com/)lookup on the domain.

Click Easy Domain search, and it will tell you if it is available (which you don’t really care about) but then at that page with the results there is an option for a “Whois lookup” of that domain.

Once you know who owns it, you can report them to the Better Business Bureau, or there is another place you can report it to, but the name of it escapes me at the moment. It’s a place where all domain issues are handled instead of going to court. Recently Madonna lost a battle to get Madonna.com from a church.

But anyways, if you know who the e-mail truly came from, that is half the battle.