Where do I post questions regarding the FirstAPI to pull in match information

I am trying to pull in information from the First API - does anyone know if there is sample/test data available for testing the 2023 API return data packets? If I have questions on the API is there a contact to reach out to?


the FRC API has this teamforge for asking questions. IIRC, they never release samples, and the actual endpoints will not be released until a couple days before Week 0.

If you havent already, I encourage you to explore the TBA API instead. While its all the same data collected from the FRC API, you will have a much easier time getting assistance on here and elsewhere from both users and its developers.

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Thanks @MikLast - I had looked at the Teamforge page and it seemed dated. Across different options the most recent posting date was sometime in 2020. I had also looked at the TBA Blue Alliance but thought I would use First directly. We can switch to TBA API. Thanks.

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The API response from the FRC-Events API are, as Mik said, usually made public in the days before the official Week 0 event. As such, once that becomes available, The Blue Alliance and other community sites are likely to mirror that model.

TBA will also provide any TBA-calculated fields with the field name prepended as “tba_” to the TBA specific field. Otherwise it usually matches FIRST’s format near-identically.

TeamForge for FIRST is typically pretty quiet due to the volume of teams using TBA instead of FRC-Events directly, but TBA itself consumes the FRC-Events API (among others) to power the site.

Keep your eyes on this page (APIv3 - The Blue Alliance) and look to the bottom where it says “Match_Score_Breakdown_2022” for there to be a 2023 model posted.

Hope this helps!

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