Where do teams find large bevel gears for swerve


I’m designing a swerve drive for a fun offseason project, but I am having trouble finding the correct bevel gears that are large enough, have a good DP or module, and are not expensive. Does anyone have any good sites?

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You might be interested in this thread, you could get bevel gears from KHK, or you could buy some from 2910.


If you got a 3d Printer that does Nylon you can make your own for very little

You are looking at about $2 in filament. Fully involute takes a 1/2 in hex shaft - now this one is for a ball management system we are working on but would work in a drive scenario too. Or in a different configuration. This is a 90 deg 1:1 but you can make one any reasonable ratio size and pitch depending on your 3D printers capabilities. For us on gears its 1mm pitch minimum. And you want to use a hard Nylon like Taulman 910 or if you got a hardened Nozzle one with glass or carbon fiber added. 3D printers are great for gears

This is a 30:1 gearbox in the making 1.5mm pitch - will hopefully lift up to 2 robots on a rack and pinion. There are still parts missing and its not Nylon yet but HIPS as we do complicated things in HIPS first to see if everything meshes and fits. Its less expensive to experiment in something that is $12/kg than $80/kg but if it works it will be done in Nylon.


I have never seen 3d printed gears before that is awesome, we use some nylon printing but not for gears or anything like that


im guessing he has some pretty high fill on that. if you choose to do it with 3d printing, be careful about the gearing and torque you put into the gears. i wouldn’t really recommend plastic gears for a drivetrain, but if the bot the small enough and light enough it should be okay


This is how you design them

And here are some on our robot and some projects for the off season (there is more)

And here the rack and pinion (reinforced one in the works

Takes a 1/2 in shaft for reinforcement


yea we don’t have a custom swerve we will use but for lightness on parts of our robot we have a sponsor print it for us


Hardly any fill but printed with a .8 nozzle and 6-8 perimeters so the gears are pretty much solid plastic. Pretty much everything we print is designed so the perimeters fill pretty much the whole part that is why the bigger gears have holes to direct the perimeters and lay them in a direction that helps structurally. As for a drive - we will see as we are working on some planetaries for that. So far we know we can lift 100 lb + with last years Nylon gears and shooting for more in this current iteration.

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