Where do the libraries like FRC_alltimers_8722 come from

I’m curious where the various libraries and their variations come from.

Where/who has the sources?

How did the variants for 3.0 get built?


The source is not publicly available.

As for the 3.0 version, a few years ago, frustrated by the lack of a proper math library and printf() functionality, I decided to reverse engineer IFI’s library so that I could rebuild it with the very cool Hi-Tech PICC-18 compiler (I was also negotiating with Hi-Tech to give teams a license to the compiler, but Microchip stepped in and agreed to speed up development of the 2.4 compiler for the 2005 season, and the deal with Hi-Tech fell apart). Anyway, I was successful at creating a C source file for the library, but came across a bug that I couldn’t quickly squish and shelved the project for a while when I got really busy at my day gig. Fast forward to October 2007 and I decided to move forward with the project. By then I had developed a great working relationship with IFI and got the green light to proceed with the redesign of the default code (Mark, their lead programmer, even came out to JPL to discuss the architecture). By the middle of December I was able to send some code out to a few of the more senior programming mentors here on C/D. About a week later I released the code for everyone to have a look.