Where Do We Begin With the Rev Pneumatic Hub?

We tried to get our Pneumatic hub working today, and we are a bit lost. Looking around here on CD after I got home, I saw that you can run the Pneumatic Hub from the Rev Hardware client. We will try that on Monday. But beyond that, we are at a bit of a loss. We packed up quickly so I do not have code or errors to share, but here was our experience.

  1. After setting everything up and turning it on, the Pneumatic Hub flashes purple for a spell (Missing heartbeat) and then it flashes orange (only).

  2. When trying to follow the docs, we cannot call the following…

// Using "import static an.enum.or.constants.inner.class.*;" helps reduce verbosity
  // this replaces "DoubleSolenoid.Value.kForward" with just kForward
  // further reading is available at https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/static-import-java/
  import static edu.wpi.first.wpilibj.DoubleSolenoid.Value.*;

  DoubleSolenoid exampleDoublePH = new DoubleSolenoid(9, PneumaticsModuleType.REVPH, 4, 5);


because PneumaticsModuleType.REVPH is not defined.

We are at a bit of a loss as to even where to begin because the Rev docs point to WPILIb, and WPILib Points to REV.

Rev does not list the Pneumatic Hub in their software resources page. The Pneumatics manual that we are reading does not have any mention of the Pneumatic Hub.

So, our questions.

  1. Does anyone know of a resource that has a step-by-step procedure for getting started with the Pneumatic Hub?
  2. What is the procedure for setting up the Pneumatic Hub? Do we need to update the firmware through the Hardware Client (we did not), Do we need to import a .json (we did not), are there any other steps we need to do?
  3. What does the only orange blinking light signify (We could not find this in the Rev Documentation)?
  4. Does anyone have any Java code that is working that they would be willing to share that runs the Pneumatic Hub and a solenoid successfully?

I understand the need to separate out libraries for motors, but I feel this device is too important to be this fragmented (unless we are missing something obvious which is likely). Currently, all we know is that we set it all up, but our pump did not run.

Did you import PneumaticsModuleType?

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Thank you. We tried, it showed up as the module is undefined.

Just to double check, you are running 2022 WPILib?

The WPILib example for solenoids work, been tested multiple times. Only difference is passing REVPH instead of CTREPCM on line 32, and then as you saw you pass the module number for the first parameter.

All the code for both penumatics modules are in wpilib itself. There is no need to install any vendor libraries. You just have to be using 2022 WPILib.

I believe per the latest team update, you will have to update the firmware on the device using the rev hardware client. I know the original batch shipped with a version too old to be competition legal.


The first Pneumatic Hub firmware update says Updates LED patterns. I suspect that what’s documented for status lights is after that update is applied. I would definitely recommend updating the firmware.


Thank you both. I just updated our dev computer to 2022.3.1.

I suspect one of two things happened. Either, 2022.3.1 broke the rev import (Which is unlikely as we would have more about this sooner I expect), or on a true Doh Moment, since we have multiple versions of WPILib on the machine (we need this for the VMX-Pi), our developer could have opened the wrong version and tried to work on that today (which I would not have noticed).

I will upgrade the version on my home machine and test just to be certain.

I will also update the hub through the Rev Client as well.

Edit: Thank you both for your help. I just finished updating the copy on my machine, and think that the issue was that we were not using 2022. I do not remember seeing the new icons (which I love by the way). Thank you again.

We just needed to reference this today… Status LED Patterns - Pneumatic Hub

I don’t see anything for only orange blinking. Could it be Orange/Yellow? That would be a CAN fault (which was where our error was).

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The LED status light colors changed between the firmware the devices shipped with and the first update. The table is expecting the update to be applied, and as of Team Update 12, is required to be applied. At least for the original batch they will all require a firmware update, as 2022.0.2 was released fairly recently.

Edit: Nevermind, I misread the update. It seems to only require that if using the analog port. But especially for new devices, updating the firmware is always worth doing.

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We are going to update it tomorrow. There are a few things we will try, and I think we will get it working thmaks to all the hep in this thread. I will post back regardless.

We are presently having a problem with our REV Pneumatics Hub, but after reading Operating pneumatic cylinders — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation I have a strong suspicion that our PH has a CAN ID of 2 instead of 1 (with us using the default DoubleSolenoid constructors). We’ll be testing if my hunch is correct tomorrow, but I wanted to point this out in case this helps anyone.

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We had a similar problem. However, our pneumatic hub keeps resetting back to the original number each power cycle. Any ideas on what we’ve got stuck?

If you don’t use the default CAN ID (probably a good idea to use the default), you have to “burn” the settings to have them survive a power cycle. You do this from the REV Hardware Client (which is also where you change the CAN ID). Why do you need to change the default CAN ID (1)?

Thanks for the quick response, and sorry for my delay.

We didn’t really need to change the default, but the kids did it when they first were getting the CAN set up. Getting it changed off of the new number and back to the default is where we were running into hiccups.

Make sure you have the latest “REV Hardware Client” (1.4.2), and download the latest REV PH firmware (22.0.4). Plug one of the orange USB-C cables into the PH, and make sure it has the latest firmware. Should be easy to change the CAN ID to 1 at that point… Be sure to “burn” the changed setting, so it persists across power cycles.

WPILib’s documentation for Pneumatics programming is located here: Operating pneumatic cylinders — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation

While updating to 22.0.2 is required by the game manual if using the analog sensor, updating to 22.0.1 is required by WPILib itself, regardless of what sensor you are using. This means that all Pneumatic Hubs will need to have their firmware updated at least once in order to work.

We have some troubleshooting steps that we’d like you to try. Please reach out to [email protected]

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