Where do we buy vics?

Hello Everyone,

We are trying to get a head start on build season. The trouble is, we are trying to get a bunch of parts to build a robot before January 10th. (the international dateline makes it so kick-off is a day later for us) We found that Jags are out of stock, so we are now trying to get some vics. We can’t find where to get vics. It doesn’t look like AndyMark is selling them anymore. Can anyone help us with this? The sooner the better since we have to get the parts over here and through customs.

Team 3132, Australia’s first FRC Team

You can buy them from http://www.ifirobotics.com/victor-884-speed-controller-robots.shtml but I would wait to see what is legal in 2010 before investing in them. They aren’t exactly cheap.

Thanks! I will pass the info on to the mentor who is going to buy the parts for us.

Jaguars are in stock at Digikey, although they won’t be restocking the old Jaguars once they run out. http://search.digikey.com/scripts/DkSearch/dksus.dll?Detail&name=726-1189-ND

I hope that doesn’t mean what it sounds like. Anything you fabricate before the kickoff isn’t going to be allowed on your competition robot.

I know lead times are going to be longer since you’re so far from the usual sources, but we’ve had plenty of warnings this year not to assume anything about what parts will be legal for the 2010 game. The official advice is consistent: don’t buy anything expensive if you can’t afford its turning out to be against the rules.

We know this. I am the only student on our team who has ever seen an FRC regional or built an FRC robot. We are trying to get the other students to have a little experience with building, soldering, programming, etc. before build season starts. We have taken cost into consideration, some of the parts are being donated by sponsors.

Thanks for the help!

Victor 884’s are on the rookie/vet parts list.


That is what I thought but I’d rather not tell them where to buy something without the standard warning of don’t buy unless you can afford to have it become non-usable.

I don’t think the new black jaguars will be more expensive than the victors, so you might want to hold off. Jaguars may/may not have the CAN feature available and were about $80 bucks last year.