Where do we get a relief valve?

Where would we get a spare relief valve? The one’s found in the KOP?

First off i have no idea why one would need a spare relief valve, through my going on three years experience heading up pnuematics for 1155 i can think of no situation in which i see the valve breaking unless it was installed an a VERY incorrect manner.

However i have looked around a bit just now and cannot seem to find the same model available for purches anywhere. My suggestion to you is that if you really feel you need a spare, contact an older team than your own in your area. Chances are if they have been around for a bit and are the type of people who scrap old bots theyll be happy to give you the equivilent valve from a KOP years past.

I could argue that stupid thing may have cost my team a regional win. There is a little stop on the plastic knob that hits a pin that keeps it from going past 90 degrees when you close it. If you over-do it when you close it, that little stop gets deformed, the valve goes past 90, and leaks. There goes your pneumatic system. This happened to us. It’s a poor design imho. We offered anything and everything for a spare, but no one in the whole regional had one. While it may be a rare occurrance to have this happen, bring a spare.

we need it for a releif valve on the off-board pump, thanks


The part is a Norgren 16-004-011.

You can find that information on page 13 of the Pneumatics Manual.

It should cost you about $20 + shipping.