Where do we get more extention wires for the Vex robot?

In the vex kit it came with one pwm wire extender. We need two more but I cannot find anywhere to order them. Where are they! Can we use any pwm cable or do we have to use the vex ones?

For non-FVC uses, you can use any PWM cable for use as extension cables with the Vex kits. Just be sure to make sure you plug the wires in correctly, so that the color wires match up with what they should be. For a FVC-legal robot, you must use the PWM cables from VexLabs (IFI).

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What’s up with that. I think it is odd that in order to get your VEX kit to work with a PWM, you have to make a custom cable. Instead of making the hardware architecture open and open sourcing the code (Like even LEGO is now doing) RadioShack / IFI is going to a proprietary closed philosophy.

If anyone, RadioShack and IFI should both know better. (Don’t see a lot of TRS 80s around anymore.) Not a good way to increase your market share by apparently not figuring out what your customers want.

I went and bought a couple of extra long header strips to work as cable gender changers. I also am pretty sure regular rc cables won’t work. They need to get filed down. Also IFI Servos and motors from previous years have different cables (4 wire) They work just fine with the VEX, but you have to make a custom cable.

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Yeah i had the same problem, I tried to make my own connecters but it sort of failed.
Ended up spending 20$ on a pack of 4 2’ long pwm extension cables from vexlabs.

Those look like standard pwm cables(read 3 wire) those should be available at most hobby shops, take one of yours with you when you go and they should be able to help you out, I don’t have our kit in front of me, but I seem to remember them being Futaba J style connectors, these are very common and not at all proprietary so your hobby shop should have them, assuming they carry Futaba, or Futaba compatible accessories.

All electronic had compatable cables this summer . Bought a bunch for real cheap.