Where do we get Pro Gaf grey tape

Does anybody know where to get Pro Gaf Grey Gaffer’s tape? We are in AZ

$14 for a 2" wide 60 yard roll. Not sure what shipping costs.


Thanks man!

Just check out Sites that deal with Stage Crew equipment for plays.

We just bought some today from


15.25 a roll but we got free shipping…
We did buy 3 rolls of gray, and a roll each of yellow, red and electric blue…

hope that helps…

(I checked the site mentioned earlier and for what we bought (6 rolls) it was almost $19 cheaper at Stagespot because of the free standard shipping. )

One note… keep this tape away from students unless you want it to disappear… they all seem to think it is duct tape and like to use it for non-field uses… buy cheap duct tape for them to use…save some money…

findtape.com is also a very good and reasonable site.