Where do we get that free CAD program

We are a new team and need to know

It part of the Virtual Kit Of Parts

Detailed information about 2016 Kit of Parts

Also considering the learning curve we have been using sketchup (freeware). Not as fancy as solid works and the like but much faster, and easier to learn. Maybe the off season would give you time to get started with something more advanced.

Autodesk offers almost their full suite of products for free in student versions…everyone can get their own copy on their personal computer, as well as any team computers/school computers you may be using.
You will need to create student/educator accounts, however this is very easy and quick, and allows you to download multiple programs (AutoCAD, Inventor, etc.) on one account.
My team uses Inventor exclusively, and it has worked well for us for years. The education version is identical to the professional version, and you get a 3-year license for free–an excellent deal considering they release new versions every year that you can get if you so choose.
Solid works is also available through the virtual KOP as has been mentioned above.