Where do you find songs for videos?

Where (and how) can you find songs suitable for Robot Reveals, Season Recaps, and Impact Award Videos? Teams that produce weekly recaps and such, how do you find so many songs :sob:
Thanks! (:


I found our robot reveal song by looking at EDM songs that fit our team’s imagery theme this year-which was “Supervillans”. For all other videos I honestly just look at upbeat (and appropriate) songs from my regular playlists.

3357 has for the past few years pulled from the same group of artists for producing reveals and event recaps. A lot of our reveals are going for the same atmosphere, so picking multiple songs from Apase/Odesza (in our case) just made the most sense. We found these artists originally just based on what students were listening to at the time, they just happened to be great for reveals.

We also emphasized choosing a song that hasn’t been used at all or at least very little; originality was very important to us.


FUN uses licensing from Monstercat and Epidemic sound.


Kevin Macleod

My first thought was a reveal with the spinning monkeys music.

You talked to our media team I see… /S

In my case I’ve always looked for royalty free music but I’m moving away from this. Our team YouTube channel is not monetized so we don’t care if there is a copyright strike nessecarily. In most cases your video is still viewable, just may be hidden in specific countries. It doesn’t seem to mute the offending song.

One way around this is remixes or covers of popular songs as well performed by other artists. My personal vote for this year was

Which is a mashup. It hits on multiple points. Some students wanted to name the robot Queen. Our team is Rockem Sockem Robotics so we will rock you is always a good choice. Legends as we are an older team (maybe legendary for some wild moments and nervous audiences). The fast pace and beats help you sync up clips in time easier. I always prefer to find music with an easy to follow and consistent beat.

It depends on your teams personal tastes as well.

Other sources I’ve found for royalty free music if you don’t want to risk any copyright issues

Twitch: Supplies a list of music that’s free to use to stream and same applies usually to recordings.

Free Music Archive:

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