where Do you Find The New code

Hello i come from team 963 and i this is my first year on the team. This is my first time programing also, i seem to can’t find the new code could any help me find the 2006 and i have question for all teams Would you allowed any on your team that like the same sex or both right now were havingmy issue. Well we had another first time programer and he was gay ( im also gay too) but he was ver femmie and now he wants to quit the team cuzz people call him name like ■■■ and other stuff so what should i do or the team

ifirobotics.com and kevin.org/frc

There’s no technical reason why this arrangement can’t work, and there are no rules prohibiting it. :wink:

This may or may not be the forum to ask a question like that.

(Also, using commas, periods, and “anyone” is helpful if you want us to help you.)

thank you FOR sharing that wit me this is my first time on this website