Where do you get spare F/P motors?

Our “local” Fisher-Price service center didn’t know what we were talking about when asked about buying #9012 Power Wheels motors. Is there some other source for the motors? There is no listing at all in the “where to buy” section of the “guidelines, tips, and good practices” document on the FIRST web site.

Take one of the KOP motors with you when you go to see the parts guy at the service center. Make sure that he knows that you need a motor with the exact same markings.

IFI Robotics & Banebots

Neither of these retailers sell 9012’s.

http://www.ifirobotics.com/first-store.shtml Check for yourself.

I’m sorry… I was thinking FP/CIM/FP801-005.

Perhaps try here: http://www.kidswheels.com/index.cfm?catid=19

They had them in prior years.

Go to Powerwheels website and find a local service center. You may have to buy the whole gearbox to get the motor. They run about $29.95. You may have to call a couple of places to find someone that will sell you one. Powerwheels website says that they are not allowed to sell the gearbox to the public. They may only be installed by a service center. I called Fisherprice and powerwheels and they would not sell me one. They directed me to the website for a service center.
Sometimes you can buy just the motor if you know what make of car that the gearbox goes in.

does anyone know what model the vehicle is?

do all of the gearboxes have the right fisher-price motor that FIRST provided to us?

I had the same problem. Of the 5 service centers that I called, all of them initially said the 9012 doesn’t exist. After they did some research 2 said that 2912 was the correct PN, while another said 2915 was the correct PN. Since we’ve gotten the 2912 in the kit before, I figured that’s not the correct number. I ordered the 2915 and once I get it, I’ll confirm whether that is the correct PN or not.

I also asked for clarification on the FIRST Q/A.

I recieved the 2915, and while it has the correct motor, it has the wrong gear box.

Thankfully, FIRST has clarified the correct PN for the gearbox/motor combo in Team Update 8. It is 2911.

Folks don’t forget the easiest way to get spares is to horse trade with other teams. It has been my experince that there is always teams in the area that won’t be useing everything that comes in the kit. If you ask most times you will find. Barter is a wonderful thing. Also I have borrowed things from other teams that are done for the season and if you use it replace it.

This leaves mending shed out:


They have the 2901, 2910, 2912, and 9519, but not the 2911.

About how long did it take for you to recieve yours?

I ordered from a local Power Wheel’s service center. Since they had it in stock, I could have picked it up same day, but was lazy and had them shipped.

You can find a list of local service centers here: http://service.mattel.com/us/powerwheels_info.asp

Most places quoted me 10 days if they had to order the parts, so call a bunch of places and hopefully you can find one that has them in stock. Unfortunately, the person I dealt with wasn’t in today, so I couldn’t find out if they had any of the 2911s.

A few days after kickoff, we sent a reply for a replacement FP motor to FIRST since one of our motors was crapped out before we ever powered it up. There was something inside of the motor that was making a nice grinding sound when we were turning the shaft by hand. We still are yet to receive it…:eek:

We’re considering contacting a service center near us.

I found the following diagram of the 77770 Cruisin Tunes Power Wheels Vehicle which calls out the correct motor and gearbox. http://www.pickeringappliance.com/powerwheels-diagrams/48894B3B-0777-43F2-1C7D-DB17F558683D.pdf

I found it helpful to have the model of the vehicle when calling service centers.

Team update #8 has the correct part numbers and process to obtain additional motors and transmissions.