Where do you get your web hosting?

I’m curious, if people don’t mind me asking, where does everyone get their webhosting? I’ve been interested since I tried to give some to people and a lot of people ended up turning me down after they had said it was a good idea. TTYL.

Many people host webpages at different places. I’ll refer you to a thread earlier this year regarding personal webpages. It brings up many sites that host people. If you’re trying to host people but they end up turning you down, make sure you’re being reasonable about your hosting, and find out if someone has a better deal than you. Otherwise, let people come to you.

Surpass has been recomended to me by many people who have many sites on the net. There great and cheap. Check them out there Control Panel is fantastic Surpass Options

Last spring we bought a domain and signed up with www.1and1.com. They have a $4.99 / month package, but I chose the $9.99 / month package b/c our team wanted an online forum. We needed database support (mySQL) and the linux server that was running the old forum off our HS’s cablemodem wasn’t really reliable enough. (they like to turn things off every once and a while at school) :slight_smile:

I’m VERY hapy with 1and1.com. Easy to use, fast and so far VERY reliable. plus they have TONS of stuff included in all their packages.

i get comped a couple accounts from www.dzones.com local to me plus im friends with their sysadmin =) i get as much bandwidth/storage as I want I just them know…

For purchasing I know they are real cheap and the reseller setups are pretty good also…

696 uses www.made2own.com They have a 300mb storage plan which includes everything (CPanel, Mailman, Fantastico, PHP, MySQL, etc.) for only $3.50 per month.

www.bluehost.com Good value and the best support I have seen at the pricepoint ($8/month for 2GB and 75GB transfer). I have the team account and two small business clients of mine hosted on it.


I’m paying $30 a year for 75 megs, unlimited bandwidth within reason, and the domain…plus all of the goodies to run PHPBB and all those things I never fiddle with.

And webmail. I <3 webmail.

We’re currently being hosted by Canaca.com (www.canaca.com)

Their servers are located in Toronto, Canada and are pretty reliable and fast with plenty of services (supports almost every data and web languagues) and features incorporated into the hosting service. Pretty good customer service too.

If you’re not so website-savvy, I’ve found that www.freewebs.com is a good site that is #1-free for web hosting and #2-allows you to put the content into your site that you want, but they give you premade formats and whatnot. You can also do a site with all your own coding and just have them host it for you

I run my own server =D.
In my experience, I’ve had best results with GoDaddy - They’re reliable, fast, and cheap – about 4 dollars a month for 500 mb of space, 25 gigs of bandwidth, 100 email accounts, and much more. Also, Netacore, is a pretty good service, it costs a bit more ($8 a month) but you get 2.5 gigs of space, unmetered bandwidth and email accounts, and all the other assorted features. And you can host two domains.

I too run my own site. Thus unlimited bandwidth, limited to HD space I want to put on it and with my isp they guarnatee me my speed. And I got my url through 1and1 mentioned above, cost only about $3.00 I think. but in this case the internet connection costs more than hosting ($109/month)


www.alpinerobotics.com is hosted at totalchoice hosting. We have the silver package, which is rather cheap and comes with no limits on just about anything but bandwidth and disk space. This has served us well for the past year, with only one short outage that we were quickly notified of. We also bought the domain through their process, which goes to secureserver.net, which was not the cheapest possible, but it integrated nicely and we were up and running quickly.

I also host my own website on my computer, but since I only have cable, the upload rate (and therefore download for everyone else) is too slow for any major website.

My personal website (davedelong.com) is hosted by StartLogic. I would recommend them to anyone. They have fantastic support, and fabulous hosting plans. For example: Domain name, 60GB bandwidth (I run a software company and I use maybe 15 GB a month), 2 GB storage, CGI executable directory, databases, applets, templates, site statistics, unlimited email accounts (50MB each), and much much more. And they have excellent prices, too. The plan I listed above is only $7.50 a month (I think they have a promo where you get the first 3 months for $1 if you sign up for a year). Yeah. So choose StartLogic. They’re the best. :smiley:


Hey guys, I’m looking for some advice. I’ve looked into this hosting company, they even got ranked #5 on this review site ( http://www.hosting-buyers-guide.com/re/2005ipowerweb/ ).

I’m building a site that’s gonna have alot of pictures and video, so I’ll need alot of space and speed, so has anyone used this host before?


I should note that my words come well-seasoned, just in case I have to eat them.

In this case, since I noticed it, I figured I should really eat my words. I had a particularly bad experience with them earlier this year, enough to rescind my endorsement of SpliceHost. I’ll be looking elsewhere come renewal time.

If you’re looking for something with some more storage, bandwidth, (and unfortunately slightly more cost) try Powweb. For $7.77 a month, you get 20,000 Mb storage, 400 Gb/month bandwidth, PHP, MySQL, webmail, and the whole nine yards. They’ve hosted the team228.org website for the past two years, and we’ve never really had any problems with them.

I’ve used Globat, Hostrocket (who sponsors team 20) and Dreamhost for various projects of mine. I actually checked Hostrocket out because I heard of them on Team 20’s banner in 2005, so I guess their sponsorship is working as advertising :smiley:

I wouldn’t recommend Globat, because I haven’t had the best customer support experiences with them. Hostrocket has been really good so far, and from what I can tell, Dreamhost is good too.

The problem with web hosting is usually individuals are looking for the best value they can get, and are willing to sacrifice quality for cost. Don’t forget: you get what you pay for.

Once we decide on a new team name (the current one was a compromise between wildly different opinions on what sort of name we should have, but very few, if any people really like it), colors, etc., we’ll make our site (Hopefully using CSS) However theoretical the site is, we’ve already got hosting lined up, the hosting and domain name will be provided by the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. I trust that they’ll be pretty reliable. So, for team purposes, try your local universities, they probably have space and bandwidth to spare. (Especially big ones) It also probably won’t be too hard to convince them to provide it, many provide hosting for their students, and for most teams, the amount they give students is likely enough.

I’ve got to disagree with you on this one. If teams can afford the cost of FRC, they should be able to afford $50 per year for web hosting. I doubt most universities will be able to provide you with invaluable interfaces such as CPanel and phpMyAdmin and innumerable other features that come with a good paid host.