Where do you put up your banners?

Our team is having discussions with the administration about where to put our trophies and banners, as our school is going through some changes. We wanted to know where do other teams put up their banners: in the gym, in a display case,etc.?


At our school banners are typically hanging up in our gymnasium and all of our trophies are in display cases and on a rack that is higher up with all of trophies and plaques.

Our banners are located at the front of our robotics site leading into the site from the Gene Wicks museum.

FTC and FLL not having any banners, 1135 stores their trophies on a shelf in a classroom, next to the racks of VEX parts. (No FRC banners–yet.)

Now, 330 has a “few” banners, mainly stored under the trophies in a cabinet (no trophy case means that a bunch of trophies need storage). But, in 2005 and 2007 (not sure about 2008), the current ones were hung in the lobby of their school’s sponsoring church.

Our Banners are hung in our robotics classroom (we have high cielings) and we have a trophy case in one of the hallways in our school.

We only display the banners at competitions.

For a long time we used our '95 National Champion Banner to clean a white board in our room :o

You’re kidding, right?

We put a stop to it, and made a proper frame to hang it in.

But since we don’t really have a room right now, there really isn’t anyplace to put it.

Team 190 just recently ran two parallel steel wires from our lab ceiling and then strung up the banners between them. It was quick and easy, took a few hours to set up and looks great.

Team 971 has only one banner which is usually kept rolled up in a cabinet for lack of space and high enough ceilings. It gets taken out for demos and displays and such.

Um…254’s banner wall looks great.