Where do you submit Chairmans? Why?

MOE 365 was thinking about submitting our Chairmans at the Philly regional.
The reason are Philly is our “home” regional

I was wondering where other teams plan on submitting there Chairmans award and why they plan to submit there, are you doing it just because it is your “home” regional or because it is where you have had previous success? Also if you have to choose between more then one regional what makes one better over the other.
I just wanted other teams inputs on how they make theses decisions and why them make them.

Team 461 will be submitting our Chairman’s Award entry to the Midwestern Regional this year.

Our decision of where to submit it changes from year to year. It is based on the history and competition of the regional. Use your best judgement in preparing an appropriate presentation and submittion.

Team 195 is submitting our chairmans award to the UTC New England regional.

Partly because it is our home regional. But it is also the only one that we always go back to every year. We feel that our team is best known there.

RAGE (173) is also submitting to the UTC New England Regional. It is also our “home” regional and we feel comfortable there. We will be posting our online submission on our web site after the deadline and encourage other teams to do so as well. It’s only by sharing this information that teams can learn from one another!

Good luck to all!

VCU, like always.

We change where we submit every year. In 2003, it was LA. 2004, Phoenix.
2005, none of the above, but a California regional. We think that submitting at the same regional twice may make winning too easy, or too hard, and doesn’t give the judges much of a break. :wink:


We submit to Southern California Regional every year since it is our home regional. The regional chairman’s really is for honoring the team that made the most difference in their local region, as shown by their home regional. I really think that submitting to another regional takes away opportunities from teams that consider that regional their “home” regional, but that’s just my opinion.

we have and will always enter at the lonestar regional. we feel that REGIONals should represent the teams in that area or REGION, so it wouldn’t be right to go another regional and try to show off the things we do at home. Although are chances would most likely change (possibly for the better) at winning a regional chairman’s award at other regionals, we still feel it’s right to only compete for it in our own regional.

The X-Cats are submitting thiers to the Finger Lakes regional.
Although we no longer are eligible to win the award we are still required to produce one in order to participate in the Hall of Fame presentation (I’m hoping that they move it out of the pits and into the front hallway this year).

I second that! I had little opportunity to visit the pits last year and every time I grabbed a few minutes to try and go through the Hall of Fame it was very crowded so I didn’t see much of it. I don’t think many of the people on my team got to see it. I hope it gets moved to where it will generate a lot of interest.

Hi Ed, doesn’t really matter where you submit the Chairman’s entry as these will be flagged by FIRST as Hall of Fame entries
(because of your team # x 2!), and will not be judged regionally. FIRST is encouraging these Hall of Fame teams to also submit a DVD. FIRST is really hoping to get some more video they can use at kickoff, etc. Have your committee look over 9.2.6 if they haven’t already.

we are presenting at the central florida regional because it is our home regional

We are posting to Southern California, our home regional. Something to consider if you don’t post to a nearby regional is that sometimes judges will go out of their way to award a local team an award over a ‘visiting’ team. There is no rule about this, but it does happen.


S.P.A.M. submits our chairman’s at ucf-Florida regional…it’s our home regional and the regional we have been always been submitting and make our name truly well known there with the judges and teams.

good luck to all chairman award submitters.

Team 007 is submitting their Chairman’s Award at the Chesapeake Regional. Mainly because it is our home regional, and we are not awkward in submitting it there. We have been with this regional since 2003, its starting year, so we are not uncomfortable at all with it being judged. We love the Chesapeake Regional! =)

We’ll be starting work on the video and the Hall of Fame redesign this week. We have alot of time between now and the championship with no competitions to go to between then.

the out of area chairmans is no disadvantage… our team (from florida) won it at the colorado regional last year.

Team 116 is presenting at the Cheasapeak regional. Since we arnt going to VCU this year and is the only regional we are attending. Also we have been there every year and since its not week one it gives more time to practice or touch up our presentation.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but there hasn’t been a Canadian Team to win a Chairman’s at an American regional. We have thought about applying at an American regional, but probably are disadvantaged whether it be politics or the fact judges are more likely to give the award to a local team. The day will come when we win it at an American regional!

No it has everything to do with years and consistency of excellence, and GP. At no point does it have anything to do with politics or judges favoring anyone. I don’t know but I will check if a Canadian team has won Chairmans in America and just the opposite.