Where Do You Want To Go?

Since most of the other threads like this were very negative, I wanted to know your opinion, CONSTRUCTIVE PLEASE, of where you would like to see the Championship. It dosn’t have to be Epcot or Houston. It could be somewhere else or something totally different.

Remember, BE POSITIVE AND CONSTRUCTIVE. This isn’t a bash-a-thon like the other threads. I also want you to list negatives so everyone can see how you think.

Houston is fine in my opinion.

Epcot will always just feel like NATS to me. Houston didn’t give me the same feeling =(

Silicon Valley!..

As much as I know that it would be good to move nationals around to different parts of the country, Epcot will always bring back so many memories that, and I know that coming back would be really exciting. Since I’m leaving for college next year, I know that if nationals were still in Florida, I would get to see all of my fellow Florida teams like Roccobot, Heatwave, and SPAM. If FIRST can not have nationals at Epcot because of safety issues, please, don’t have it in Houston again. Epcot was the extreme south east, so why not the extreme north west? Oregon anyone? Either way, the competition will be a success no matter where it’s located. :slight_smile:

I’ve been giving this a lot of thought. I really liked WDW. The question is why? Well I think I know.

Presentation is everything.

I think of past championships I’ve been to (all at WDW) and I look at how they were staged. For example. this year if you watched the big screen while Woody was announcing the awards what you saw behind him was the concrete floor. Look at the year before and there are nice blue backgrounds and plants. Pull up the video from last year and then this year, the presentation just wasn’t there (sorry this is sounding like a gripe). Bottom line is that where Nationals is held is not as important as how it’s done. Disney knows how to put on a show. I’m sure there are other that can as well.

Bottom line is I love FIRST and what it stand for. Hold nationals in a corn field on old crates and I’ll support it!

If the FIRST staff is reading, Thank you for all the hard work you do!

Ive been to Epcot for 3 championship events and basically I was sick of it.

Houston works for me…

Maybe a traveling championship location like the Super Bowl? Changing every year would be way too difficult, but maybe have a few years at one venue, then they move to another one around the country.

I like WDW. I wish it could be back there…if not I would love to have it in Boston.

Anywhere that requires a plane flight from Michigan is fine with me…I just like leaving the state.:slight_smile: This was my first year, so I have no idea what the Epcot competitions were like. Wherever it ends up, I’d just like for it to have some interesting cultural experiences. New York or California would be cool, but I’ll cast my vote for Seattle.

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**Houston is fine in my opinion. **

I concur.

Any place with a major league ball park whose team is at home during the championships would be fine by me!

so my preference would be:
St. Louis


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**MY BACK YARD!!! **

Well, there won’t be a far walk from the pits to the fields… :slight_smile:

There are a lot of congress critters in DC.


The fact that I live here has nothing to do with it.

Houston works, so does Epcot…

Of course, you all know the future for FIRST Nationals is in Indianapolis :wink:

There are very few places in the country that thrive on presentation. There are even fewer companies that rely on people having a good time for their success.

Disney and Universal are each capable of putting on a good show – and that’s exactly what FIRST needs to grow and attract national media attention.

Kids barreling into an old, dusty, empty stadium and trying to fill the shoes of giants does not make for a professional presentation. Competing in a venue built specifically for their needs, by a professional company who excels at entertaining and amazing millions of visitors every year, however, makes it look like those same kids are worth something. It means that they, we, and FIRST are all important enough to warrant that much attention.

We all know FIRST works hard, no matter where the venue is. What makes the Championship special, I feel, is that so many others are working hard at showing us a good time. Disney made the event special. Houston, so far, has not. I was consistently removed from the excitement of the competition to be reminded I was in the real world, trying to fit in in a real city, full of people who didn’t think I was going anything special. Walt Disney World was different.

With that said, I believe that both Walt Disney World and Disneyland provide perfect environments. In some ways, I think Disneyland would be even better than Walt Disney World.

The Anaheim Convention Center is enormous and features an arena. Placing the main stage in that arena would return the Einstein field to prominence rather than making it blend in with the divisions. The convention halls offer more than enough space for enormous pits.

The Convention Center is also immediately across the street from both Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure. Downtown Disney offers dining and shopping. There are many, many hotels within walking distance, as well as the three Disney operated hotels on site.

Disneyland would be a much more intimate venue than Walt Disney World, but it has the potential to house as many teams - if not more. I think it’d be really exciting to see FIRST teams everywhere you go rather than having everyone scatter into the wind as they did in Houston and, to a lesser extent, Walt Disney World.

I would like to have it back in Epcot, I didn’t like the set up in Houston. :frowning: Walt Disneyland would also be a good place to have the nationals, if they can’t be in Orlando.:smiley:

Live Life to the Fullest!!!

VOTE FOR VEGAS!!! It is coo’! :cool:

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**VOTE FOR VEGAS!!! It is coo’! :cool: **

Ok, I caught a lot of flak for posting about Vegas last time… It’s nice to know someone’s kinda on the same page.

Personally, I would prefer Disney (either Florida or California) for the same reasons M posted above. It’s all in the presentation, the atmosphere, and the excitement. Epcot had it, and Houston didn’t. While Houston was a great competition, it just didn’t have the same feel to it that the FIRST village at Epcot did. That was the most disappointing thing, I think.