Where Does Your Team Get T-shirt

Where does your team get t-shirts? Last year my team ordered work shirts and put patches on them as well as making world championship shirts and ordering them from uberprints. I was wondering where other teams get shirts from, and how do you guys go about designing them?

Last year we did heat pressed t-shirts (3 for each team member/mentor)
This year we got Jakprints to print our shirts- polos for the mentors and 2 t-shirts for each team member.

As for design, one of our business team members is skilled in photoshop & illustrator. Our logo is based on the school’s logo, but with a circuit design.

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We go local. We do just one t shirt for each team member. It’s easy this way, fast, and typically pretty cheap depending on the retailer. Our logo is always on the t-shirt, even though our shirt design is different every year. The design, we allow students to submit designs and we do a full team vote.

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We generally make 2 t-shirts every year (based on the theme) - one for Team members (sponsors on the back) and a “fan shirt” for family, friends, to trade. Shirts always feature our “themed narwhal”.

We’ve gone with a different t-shirt vendor every year (although I think the print shop this year is a keeper). Try to sell Team member shirts at cost, maybe make a little profit on the fan shirts (this year we are breaking even).

We have a separate embroidery vendor that sets up a Team website to purchase polos, shirts, sweatshirts, blankets, etc. if anyone wants them.

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We have a local supplier whos been doing our shirts and hoodies for the past couple years. He provides them for us cheap, and really high quality.

Local imo is almost always the best. Usually the cheapest even.

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