Where In The World Is FIRST?

Team 1649 Engineers Mentoring Students (EMS) has added a new feature to our website. Where In The World Is FIRST? (WITWIF) is an interactive map of every FIRST team in the world. http://team1649.com/witwif

Because all the data came from the FIRST website and they don’t list full addresses, we need your help. Select the Information button in the top right corner and then click the Update Info link to add a correct address for your team.

We are still working on it so check back often for more features.

The map wouldn’t load for me, so I couldn’t answer this question. By FIRST do you mean FRC or all four FIRST programs? FLL alone is in almost every country in the world now.

First off I’d like to know what browser and OS you are using so we can look into the problem. Very old versions of IE dont work and old versions of Firefox dont display quite right.
By “FIRST” I mean FRC & FTC right now. We are trying to get FLL information but its not available on the FIRST website.

Location of Team 2429 is totally wrong :stuck_out_tongue:
but how did you get the database for all the teams and locations?

I think the system you use must place teams in the direct center of the city, as my team location is quite off as well. I’ll see if I can update our information.

I must complement you on your efforts, however, this is a really cool application. Keep up the great work!

You probably will not be able to access the FLL information.

Cities with multiple FRC teams have overlapping points, and only the highest team number point is visible/clickable.


Filter it with Excel by:

  1. Paste Special -> Unicode Text
  2. Find the columns you want, delete the others
  3. Sort by how you want to see teams.
  4. Depending on what you want to do, you can also separate things that are comma delimited, like states from their cities, and put those in their own columns.

Edit: To find FLL stuff, you’ll probably have to dive into FIRST region sites. KCFIRST has locations at http://www.kcfirst.org/FLL-Tournament_Results.html for example, but not every region does this.

FLL team numbers don’t carry over and teams probably change too much for FLL info to be of any use.

Thanks Paul! Wish I’d seen this before the painstaking process of cutting and pasting ~ 100 pages of data from the regular FIRST website.

By using the Search feature you CAN see all the teams in any city but getting the correct address will still help a lot.

Wow! I love the power of CD! We processed about two dozen change requests today.

I’m going to try to answer all the questions:

The data was cut and pasted from http://www.usfirst.org/whatsgoingon

The map uses the Google Maps API V3 and Fusion Tables to store the data.
We are also using jQuery to get the data for the search.

The entire page was built by hand using gedit in Ubuntu.
It was originally meant for FRC and we added the FTC data as an afterthought.

Based on some of the comments above I’m not sure we will be able to add FLL data.

Since the only address we had was a city and state, the google map puts the point in the middle of that city.

There are some known issues with older browsers. Sorry.
There is also a problem using the default browser in Android Honeycomb.

If you have any problems viewing the map please let us know what OS and browser you are using.

We have tried to keep this mobile friendly but that is a tall order. There are even more mobile browsers out there then desktop ones so please bear with us and we will try to make things work.

I doubt we will ever be as famous as CD or TBA but we are still hopeful that other teams will find this useful.

Comments, suggestions and bug reports are all welcome.

Just noticed a minor issue. When updating/adding a website it must be the full address including the http://
We’ll try to put some sort of check in for that eventually but for now please use the full address.

We have added a new feature to the map.
You can now link directly to your own team.
Use the format:
It’s still only FRC & FTC for the programs.
If you do link to it from your own website, let us know about it.
We’d love to see that people are using it.

I have accurate lat/long coordinates for most teams that share a city/town with other teams if that would be of help to you. (http://www.team358.org/files/frc_records/All_FRC_Teams_Ever.xls)
Accurate locations are so marked.
That would avoid the problem of them all piled one atop the other.

I had addresses, but they aren’t easy to get to.

Thanks Mark (Sarcasm and Sincerity in the same breath)
This is a lot of good data but I think it will have to wait for version 2.
It will require a significant re-write to use lat/lon instead of text addresses.
I really like that it has decommissioned teams also.
Thanks (sincerely) I will keep this for the next version.
Team 1649

Definitely a cool idea, I applaud you guys for doing this!

Finally added a help page for the map http://team1649.com/?page_id=2422

Is this site down? I went to pull up the URL for someone interested in finding a team and am getting an error message. Thanks!

getting 403s and 404s.