Where is FIRST?

I’ve had this idea for a bit, but kinda forgot about it for a while, and just remembered today - yes kind of bad timing with the first of all the regionals going on.

Anywho, I’m not sure if you know about the “Where the hell is Matt” videos on YouTube. Basically a guy goes around the world, dances badly, and has people dance with him. No idea why he does it, but more can be seen at his site.

So, I was thinking - how cool would it be to do it with FIRST? We’ve got lots of regionals in lots of places, why not just film people dancing there just like Matt? It’d be neat if some officials/announcers/judges/refs/etc could get involved and do it in the same manner as Matt does - one person starts dancing for a bit, and then other people join him/her.

Anyone think this would be plausible to do at regionals? I’m not sure how the video would be collected and edited, but that is for later.



a lot of regionals have dances and stuff, most of the time during the elimination matches… i would put up vids of Barry and Michelle dancing at Florida last year, but sadly, my camcorder got stolen at championships