Where is gonna be located the 2014-2015 Championship?

So the next year is gonna change the place where is located the Championship. So where do you think is gonna be located the Championship for 2014 and 2015?

Sorry I forgot that for 2014 the Championship is still in St. Louis :smiley:

Champs is still in St. Louis for 2014, and I have no idea about 2015.

2014 Championship will be in St. Louis.


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2014 is still in STL.

In case you didn’t get the memo, 2014 will be held in St. Louis again.

As far as 2015, I’m not sure FIRST knows yet. When they do, they will tell us.

and…2015 is up for grabs! Locations are being scouted now.


lol One can hope. :stuck_out_tongue:

Groups representing possible 2015 sites were in attendance at this years championship. Atlanta and Indianapolis were both represented and others as well. I would not be surprised if the championships were in Indy given the emphasis that Indianapolis has placed upon development of the downtown.

As much as I would love to have it so close to us:

This would only work if someone built a huge covered stadium attached to the North/South Concourse of the OCCC on I-Drive. Does Orlando need a NFL franchise? There is no room next to the West Concourse for a stadium due to it being sandwiched between I-Drive and I-4. Although it is a huge amount of exhibit space and hotel rooms are plentiful and fairly priced.

Amway Center is only 20,000 seats and the Citrus Bowl is not covered nor does it have an exhibit hall.

Limited options: L.A., Atlanta, New Orleans, Houston, Minneapolis, Denver, Miami, NY, NJ, Philly, Pittsburg, Kansas City, Arizona, Dallas, Boston, Las Vegas, Baltimore?

L.A. is out, much as I’d like to have the Championship here. Staples Center (the primary venue that would have any reasonable shot) isn’t big enough, even with the convention center next door. Any football stadium project, as I understand it, is contingent on actually getting an NFL team, and that doesn’t look like happening any time soon (though if it did, I could see CMP coming to Los Angeles; I remember something about the folks who were wanting to build it wanting to put it next to Staples Center/the Convention Center). Anaheim, next on the list in this area, would be out due to no stadium next to their convention center, I’d think. Long Beach (home of the Los Angeles Regional) has a convention center attached to a stadium, but suffers from the same problem as Staples: It’s a basketball/hockey arena, not a football stadium.

Houston might have a shot, if they didn’t stick us in the Reliant/Astrodome again.

Indianapolis has been mentioned as having a football stadium and convention center next door to each other.

Reliant Stadium in Houston seats 71,000, but not sure if it has enough attached exhibit space without using the Astrodome. Toyota Center downtown near the GRBCC is not big enough.

Canada sounds good.

According to Jim Beck at the Central Valley Regional, FIRST was considering holding it at the Anaheim Convention Center.

I think the Reliant Center is a sufficient convention center. But I don’t think they’re totally attached like it is in St. Louis. Same thing with Indy, there is a gap between the convention center and stadium.

Any proposal from Houston wouldn’t use the Astrodome, that building is pretty much abandoned. However, right next door there is Reliant Center, larger than America’s Center in St. Louis by 200,000 square feet of floor space, and it is also right next door to an NFL stadium with a retractable roof. It’s a bit more walking than St. Louis (and based on the shape of the convention center, some divisions would walk a bit further), but probably pretty close to what we had in Atlanta.

There’s also Reliant Arena just across the parking lot, which couldn’t handle FRC but could support some FLL/FTC. However, most people would like to keep all the levels together, so everyone can easily see it all at once.

Louisville was being thrown out as a possible 2015 location, one that I haven’t heard before among the usual contenders.

Cobo Hall and the Joe Louis Arena? Go Detroit!

How about St. Louis for 2015. I know it has had some problems but every venue will have some issues. St. Louis does provide a central location, major airport, and a nice layout for a major First event.

LA would never build a dome. The weather is far too good for that.

New Orleans would be really fun…:rolleyes: