Where is the connection for the Cypress PSOC represented in the Dashboard vi?

I have been working on creating a custom Dashboard through Labview, but I just can’t figure out how a PSOC could connect to the dashboard as there is no obvious connection or port represented in the dashboard template for this purpose. Does anyone know where the connection is represented? Thank you.

The PSOC is a part of the driver station, and the info is only sent to the robot. You can send it back to the dashboard from the robot.

Greg McKaskle

Ok, thank you for clearing that up for me. I am now confused about where and how you receive that information in the dashboard. Could someone explain that to me?

There’s a piece of information called “High priority user data” that gets sent from the robot to the dashboard. In the robot code, you can package up (“flatten to string”) anything you want into that data stream. In the dashboard code you can then unwrap it (“unflatten from string”) and display it on the Dashboard front panel any way you want.

Thank you for the explanation! I think I get what to do now. Also, thanks much for replying to my questions so quickly!