Where is the design tab located?

I’m trying to find the design tab to help me build a chain for 2 sprockets. I’m following a tutorial to build one and it tells me to click on the desgin tab in the ribbon. Thanks:D

It might help if you told us what program you were using…


that function is useles for FRC, i’ve tried it

Assuming you are using Inventor:

  1. Make an assembly file
  2. In your assembly file across the top there will be tabs (assemble, design, etc)
  3. Under power transmission click the drop down next to v-belts and select roller chains.

I hope this helps


i tried it, and it didn’t work, it wouldn’t go from the output sprocket to the sprocket on the mechanum


Difficult to tell the exact problem, but I suspect that you need to change the options under Sprocket Geometry Option.

  1. In the Roller Chains Generator dialog box, click the down-arrow beside Sprocket. There are 3 options, Component, Existing, Vitrual.
  2. If the sprockets already exist (and it sounds like they do) select Existing.
  3. Keep in mind that it generates a solid representation of the chain or a sketch. We do not need to see actual chain links in a design, the chain data is more important.


Sorry, took so long to reply, i found the design tab, just forgot about the assembly part of it from an ipt… thanks though, and it was for making the chains

ok, i used the roller chain generator, and it said this:
“chain drive trajectory is corrupted or data are inconsistent with build in rules. calculation cannot continue”
“no sliding sprocket within the chain drive. please set one sprocket as sliding.”

You might need to put a sprocket, so there is a place that the chain can start from. Thats one thing i noticed but it was easier just putting them straight in on the assembly of the whole robot.

i started a thread about this after my post.