where is the iiko model ?

I was reading through the recently released animation prompt, and I was wondering: Where can we find the iiko biped model? They don’t give a link or anything on autodesk.com/first.

EDIT: I figured this out, but I am keeping this topic open for reference to other users.

So, can you shed some light and help a brother out on where to find this thing? Ive been looking all over the website for it!

Where do i find it? Any help would be nice. I just cant seem to find it anywhere.

Yeah I can’t find it anywhere :confused: A link would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:
Is the model rigged already or do we have to rig it?

The animation guide states that the model is already rigged. As for getting the model, i read that someone said that the model is not up yet.

so whomever finds the model first please post a link

much thanks:)

Our animation team found it here:


Look in right hand nav panel for Rig Download Link.

Ok, just confirmed it. The description spells it like the prompt. This is indeed our little alien.

Ok, so i have it downloaded and everything. Looks great except the skin color is somewhere it shouldnt be, working on that. But my problem is that when I try to animate the bugger, he wont let me save a keyframe.

holy crud that thing is hilarious!!1 lolz i havent tried any key framming yet but will it work with motion capturez?

has anyone been able to animate him?

I dunno about the Mo-Cap but keyframes don’t work at all. I know FIRST probably reads some of the threads, hope they see our dilemma.

Grrr these lame school computers won’t load the page so we can’t download it today :confused: Can someone post an image?

Even if FIRST read this, I’m pretty sure the problem would be with Autodesk, seeing as it’s their model on their website. I do hope this is resolved though haha

Here’s a thumbnail that was on the website, it’s not big, but it’s better then nothing for reference.

Personally, I think they’re super adorable and I’ve been playing around with rigging the past hour. I also can’t key-frame them though.

All i see is a max download. Does anybody know if there is a download for maya somewhere?

maya can be transfered from 3ds max

Aww the Iiko’s are adorable! hahaha thanks!

Anyone else having trouble with the materials? It says “Missing Map Files” then I navigate to the folder with the maps (sceneassets\images\rascal_DIFF_u2_v1.jpg) and click “Use Path” but it still gives me the error.

EDIT: Nevermind I fixed it :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you positive this is the iiko rig??
it seems a bit too professional for us to use

I believe it is. if you happen to be a little nosy like i am i ready the pdf that is also on the download page and the spell it iiko in that document so it could just be a file mistype…

i agree it does seem a little too professional, since i recently started learning 3ds max it is complex for me, but ill do my best,

now has anyone figured out how to key frame this thing