Where is the smartdashboard 2.0 file??

Hi there,

I’m trying to find the file sfx.zip and I don’t know where it is. There is nothing in the “sunspotfrcsdk” folder except “crio_images”. Can someone guide me fast?

Otherwise, on the old version I can’t figure out how to send data to the dashboard? No text zone, nothing. I have read the instructions here, but it is not working. Nothing shows up on the dashboard.

Loading the SDB works from the Driver Station, other than that I am unable to do much.

Any help would be appreciated!


There should be quite a few more folders in the %USERDIR%\sunspotfrcsdk directory other than “cRIO_images”; in particular, sfx.zip should be in the tools\ folder. If you don’t have it, try removing your NetBeans plugins entirely, deleting the whole folder, and re-downloading the plugins. (There should be 6 plugins in total.)