where is WFFA 5.30.2

Title says it all.

I am looking for the document 5.30.2 , the eligibility info. The current docs ends at 5.29.x



It should be 5.28.1-5.28.3. That’s what the Table of Contents of Section 5 says.


I got this link from the website award section (I remember freaking a little when I didn’t find it in the manual.) The WFFA stuff is also on that site.

Edit That link is also linked to in the WFFA section of the manual.

Here is the WFFA “manual” http://usfirst.org/uploadedFiles/Woodie%20Flowers%20Award%20Criteria.pdf

Thanks for the info guys, I have the document in hand and althought IT says to refer to the 5.30.2 “for eligibility”. I guess my only concern is the mentor our students have choosen is also a teacher and head mentor at our school. I can’t find anything that says a teacher can’t be nominated…

any help???


I seem to remember that one of the first WFA winners was a teacher…

In 5.28.1 (the real section number) and on the site, under “Spirit of the Award”, the first sentence reads:

High school students on a FIRST Robotics Competition team may choose one adult team member as their WFFA candidate (see [other place] for eligibility).
(emphasis mine) I think that’s pretty clear–parent, mentor, teacher, college mentor–any of those can be nominated; it just has to be an adult team member.

On the website, under the eligibility, it says “adult member” as well. Go surprise your teacher with a submission.