Where is WindRiver?

WindRiver wasn’t included on the reimaging key this year, nor on the disk from NI. Where do we get the software? I’d check the KOP but our team hasn’t inventoried it yet and I’d check the Control System page if not for the near-DDOS bringing the site to its knees.

We found ours [veteran team KOP] in the main tote. Check inside folders and so on. It is a white disk labeled Wind River, not bundled with LabVIEW.

We ended up finding our Windriver DVD in the large white envelope labeled “Scholarship Info”. It was sitting in there with the scholarship pamphlets.

The Windriver CD is located in the Scholarship envelope.

I should have checked CD earlier :stuck_out_tongue:
I found it in the Scholarship Information folder, thanks.

Also check the WPILib project at http://firstforge.wpi.edu/sf/projects/wpilib for C++ support (as well as Java).