Where is your animation ... Pics...concepts?

hi guyz… i’m done rigging and creating the main char… a talking vision tetra … its kinda cutesy :rolleyes: my anims gonna be simple cuz i have lots of other stuff to do i’ll post pics but basically theres a cute little tetra with big googly eyes … he walks around and is manipulated with the robot… whilst giving a speech about how first is great and whatnot… and then some funny random stuff happens to him like the robot goes crazy or he falls of the top of a goal and lands side ways and has to talk sideways the rest of the anim :smiley: … i’m keeping it simple… just a field/tetra model and just perfecting the character animation aspect of it…

i’ll post pics later… right now i’m on my laptop so ohwell… post pics dash concepts here p ls… :yikes:

We might be posting a teaser soon.

All I’ll say is Ink N’ Paint. :slight_smile:

I’m not working directly in the Animation but according to our animation guy the movements and almost all the models are done.
The next step is the sound…

I put up two spoilers already.

yes. I already know the title is misspelled. It has been fixed… :rolleyes:

we are pretty much set modeling our main characters and the set, we are now working on a major object in the animation.

All our models are finished, im starting to animated them…in the link there´s a little animation test, it´s a Low-Res Ant, soon i will post pics of the high-res ant…

Video Link

Good luck for all!

Felipe Reis

errr… it may just be me, but the page can’t be displayed

Nope, its no just you, same thing happened to me…

Sorry, the link works now… LINK

hey guys check out our retarded main char… lolz…

comments ?

the goal is extrEME ease of animation… which has been accomplished… cuz i not only have to help build the robot… but i also have school stuff and swim club etc… so that was my goal…



That tetra has personality!

Here is a shot of part of Team 639’s animation. Note that it isn’t populated yet at all, this is just the environment.


The best part of that picture is that its only a 7 minute render.

A work-in-progress from Team 342…

chess set with radiosity-billy-ernest.jpg

chess set with radiosity-billy-ernest.jpg

no animations yet. We have concepts and pics. Also we are building some of the concepts.

Heres the news caster… the tetra is gonna be the “embedded reporter” lol… you can see i mainly just spent time on the central character and nothing on anything else…



Heres a little sample from 905, most of the room is modeled, now to finish up the smaller objects and animating them as well as finishing up lighting etc.

This is the only image I have right now, the other stuff is still in dev.


More coming soon on our website, www.sparky384.com

GL to all animators… see you at the competition

Our team is kinda behind on schedule, we’re creating our storyboard. :slight_smile:

I’m in a similiar situation, i’ve been doing kind of the same thing… right now i’m working with a mentor on getting storyboard done and modelling at the same time.

So a basic day schedule will be.

1.Design Concept / Storyboard
2.Model that same concept or storyboard a few mins later :eek:

I’m hoping that I can get it done soon… good luck to all those who are in a similiar situation.