Where is your team going? (2006)


Where are you and your team heading to, regional wise?

Going to Nationals.

Let everyone know in this thread?

VCU regionals and hopefully nats this year!

**Team 341 ** is heading for Chesapeake, Philly, and Nationals.
We are also planning a day trip to the **NJ Regional ** to scout the game and cheer on some friends!!!

Best of luck to everyone this season! Its gonna be another great one. You can feel it!!!

Same as last year: FLR and the Nationals.

If we can afford it we were planning on going to GLR, WMR, and the Championship. If we have to drop one we won’t go to WMR.

We are heading to the Wisconsin (or as I think we should call it, the Badger) Regional, and to GLR. And maybe if all the pieces fall into place, Nats for the first time in several years, but I won’t be holding my breath on that one.

We’re probably going to go with Detroit this year (not on anyone’s spring break!). If we do well and get the funds, we’re gonna try for Championships too!

Last I checked, 759 are going where we always go… NYC Regional

Unless I didn’t get the memo (and this would have to be one big memo), 1293 is going to Palmetto.

Cyber Blue is going to Grand Rapids, Phoenix, and Nats. We are unable to go to the Boilermaker Regional due to a band trip that is conflicting with the same date. They can set their schedule way ahead of what we can so we have to work around them. Anyway we are excited about the chance to go to Grand Rapids for the first time and Phoenix is our favorite regional of them all.

Team 836 is going to most likely BAE Systems regional in NH, and definitely the Chesapeake regional. Oh and Nationals.

Team 45 is going to Boilermaker and Championships.
2nd regional destination under discussion.

Look for 269 at the Wisconsin Regional and hopefully Boilermaker, if not the 2nd regional location will be under discussion as well.

And with enough luck we willl be at the Championships for the 7th straight year.

114 will be going to Sacramento and Silicon Valley as usual. We will try to go to nat’s, but considering we’ve gone the past two years, it doesn’t seem very likely. If Nationals is not available, we will probably be going to the Portland regional instead.

67 will be going to GLR, West Michigan, and the Championship Event. See you all there!

296 will be going to BAE and Greater Toronto this year, and hopefully the Championship if we can pre-qualify.

1219 is heading to the Greater Toronto Regional [GTR] and maybe the Waterloo Regional – but we’re also hoping to attend the Championships if we’re able.

1403 is off to Boston this year. We may or may not go to Atlanta, that is still being decided.

GO 1403!!!

25 is going to Jersey and some other secret sites.

Team 93 had a GREAT time at Boilermaker and West Michigan last year, however, the new batch of regionals (including one in Cheesehead country) forces us to reconsider our destinations this year.

For our 10th season in FIRST we are currently signed up for the Wisconsin Regional and would like to attend the Buckeye Regional. If the cards fall right we will return to the championships yet again.

Good luck teams!!