Where r U staying? - Davis Regional

I sorta wanted to know what hotels people were staying at, at the Sacramento Davis Regional. Our team is bringing 2 Xboxes and a 50 ft cable so if other teams are staying at the holiday inn, they can come and we can play eachother!!! So what hotel are youstaying at (Even if it is the holiday inn).

Some of 254 is in the Best Western, the rest at the Econolodge - I saw a lot of the teams at Aplebee’s last night (100, 330) So I am thinking most are near that hotel row area off the I-80.

Since this seems to be the Only Sacramento thread - I think the final census of teams is 38? We have One from Canada and a couple of out-of-state including Team 5 from Michigan. Practice went well yesterday. I didn’t see any CMUcams in use, and only three or four teams doing something in autonomous. Today should be interesting.

The coolest thing I saw yesterday, was team 481 - they had a pneumatic catapult that would flip a tetra onto the center goal. They’d drive up next to it and bang, flip it on.
Not sure if it is quite legal (last year’s rule about how fast you can move a device) - but it was super cool - they actually got it to work in practice. Their drive train(or driver) needs some work. If they can figure out how to cap any goal in autonomous they’d be a great alliance partner.

Sorry folks, no webcast from Sacramento this year.

Ya, i didnt really check the forums during the competition, but I really like the 481 design as well. I also liked the team oyu guys were allied w/ which had a pnumatic arm and used the human load zone. And of course 254. The bestplay of the regional was when 610 had you flipped almost all the way over and you brought down your arm. That was a awsome split-second decision that stayed in my mind for the rest of the day. AWSOME driving…