Where teams are at

I am wondering where teams are at with there robot/ strategy, or what they are currently working on


There are many threads where teams are sharing their experiences; you may want to try the #openalliance tag.

As for us, we’ve got a game plan and are working towards it. We have also identified a couple alternative plans, which allow us to pivot the design if we run into an insurmountable roadblock and let us build what we’ve assembled so far with confidence.


thanks for the heads up on that

Footage in this video covers through this past Saturday.

Currently working on assembling our drivetrains (doing two this year because of no bag and a larger team). We decided last night what direction we wish to pursue with our shooter based on our prototyping thus far. We have a general idea as to what we wish to do for an intake and method for conveying balls from the intake to the shooter.

The next step is to prototype our intakes and conveyor system, along with refine our shooter more, with integration of everything hopefully starting to take place mid next week.

what kind of conveyor system are you guys planing on doing?

Our initial instinct is to try something along the lines of RI3D capital with a conveyor “belt” with 2 moving sides. If that doesn’t work well for us… I guess it’s back to researching more designs.

We are trying to finalize our intake/indexing/shooting mechanism. We have it working pretty well to shoot into the outer goal from against the portal, and from the far side of the control panel. We haven’t begun the final chassis build as we are going to base the chassis of the length of said mechanism. The programmers have our offseason swerve chassis, and the plan is to move the modules from that chassis to final version. They are working on getting the initial drive paths for auto-routines. I think they have about 12 different auto routines that are in preliminary stages. The climbing mechanism is under construction. We haven’t really done anything with the control panel manipulator as we don’t really expect it to be that vital in our week 1 competition, as such it is the last item on our to do list.

I’m choosing to believe the open alliance teams are a bit ahead of the normal.

We have drivetrains assembled a first pass at design requirements and some prototypes (with some support from others)

Various prototypes are waiting for parts or being rebuilt. The code team is getting some frameworks in place.

We are hoping to as best as possible finalize the design and make real mechanisms staring this weekend. Most things are made from wood or PVC right now. We will still be recieving parts or waiting for some cnc to come back in so that’s probably a two week activity.

Eternally behind schedule.


Still prototyping.

Our robot CAD currently looks like this:


Initial cad Freeze Wednesday. Proto-chassis already built, just needs transmissions.
Powered Chassis with Electrical board 7 days from now. And we’re behind. I don’t think that the open alliance teams would tell you they are ahead.

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We’re moving along nicely. Our drive train finished assembly today during lunch. Electrical is laying out and beginning assembly of the board. Programming is done with drive code, climber code, and about half of the PC mechanism code and is starting on autonomous code. The PC mechanism is in advanced prototyping (i.e., we know mostly what it is and now we’re working out the fine details.) We’re still waiting on some parts for other things (especially the climbing mechanism.) Most of the field elements we can build are in progress (though that’s a limited set since we don’t really have anywhere to store them.) All in all, a good start to build period.

We’re never ahead.

If your ahead your doing something wrong lol


We have completed quite a lot of shooter prototyping, and the associated CAD sketches to check for fitment. But nothing is made out of metal yet. Lots of sketches of possible intakes, and some climber talk.

Edit: AND this coming week is first semester final exams. So we’re going to be skeleton crew for Week 3.

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I’m in a constant struggle of being two weeks behind and just fine. Never ahead.

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The sooner you fall behind, the more time you have to catch back up.


Currently rescheduling tomorrow’s schedule. Mother Nature isn’t being nice this year, delivering snow so we have to miss a weekend meeting :frowning:


We are finalizing our designs and prototypes this Saturday so hopefully we can stay on schedule.