Where teams are at

We’re finishing CAD and 2D drawings to send to our sponsors for manufacturing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxBbIlYtIyU

It makes me sad to read this thread. :frowning_face:


20 AM

this is our hook design i did it in tinker cad because of chromebook accessibility at school

i have a blueprint on paper done and if anyone wants me to add that i can it has all of the dimensions and steps for it

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The team has been experimenting with a conveyor system

Building a new battery cart

Some of the parents have been helping to build field elements

And a new robot cart

The competition bot chassis is mostly done and will be ready for the installation of the control system soon

The prototype of the climber is working well. The geometry will need to be adjusted a bit and some 3D printed pulleys will be added in the final version.


Did some integration testing today. Intake to conveyor to shooter to goal… all seem fully functional - at 30 feet and 70% power :smiley: Now for the climber and some PID tuning this week!

we got some work done on the belt and intake system

we ran out of parts because of having a couple of design changes

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With the practice robot pretty much done, last night we started in on the competition robot… Made more progress in our 2 hour meeting than we did in the entire first week of building the practice robot! If we can keep up the pace, we’re going to run out of things to do by Saturday, as we wait for our CNC and 3D printing to catch up :smiley:

Base CAD is finished, still tweaking some of our mechanisms. Really glad about the drop of stop build day, as it looks like our machine shop option fell through and we have to figure out something else now…

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We have finally assembled our base drive train, indexer bottom, and intake. Still need to mount motors for intake and chain for indexer but we are finally making some progress! Next steps are polishing this section off and adding mounting tubing for our shooter and conveyor system.


Heads up: I think your VIWs are on backward. In current configuration, I believe it will be pushing your power cells away from the center.


thank you for the heads up i will switch those today

hoping we dont get first match again this year like we have at almost every meet for 2 years now

We realized we forgot to attach the encoders to our drive gearboxes and spent the last hour of practice removing the electrical board from underneath our robot and struggling to put the screws in a small hole with three magnets surrounding it. We left tonight with until Monday to think of a quicker solution or else we have to tear the chassis apart and do it properly.

From what I can tell it looks like they’re the correct direction on the robot. Is the intake laying on the table upside down or right side up? If the former, then you’re good.

You can check it yourself- VIWs transmit forces parallel to the roller axes, because perpendicular to the roller axis is the direction it can spin, so no traction can be applied there. If something were sitting on top of the VIWs in the first picture, it would be directed towards the center.

Still this, but worse.


Same. We’re 10 days behind schedule and competing in a week 1. :upside_down_face:


Thought we were ahead. Um, not so much now. Sigh.

No where close done as usual does not matter bag day or no bag day … 1st comp is the real practice day

Same with us. We can do it tho :slight_smile: