Where Them Videos at?

Does anyone know if FIRST, particularly FIRST Washington, is going to upload any competitions to their Youtube channel this year? They did a great job streaming, but it would be spectacular to watch the matches after the fact like in previous years. I haven’t seen any Spokane or Auburn matches uploaded yet.:confused:

*FIRST *usually only uploads match footage from World Champs, IIRC. And I believe I heard that *FIRST *Washington was having trouble streaming their district events this past weekend.

But, if you’re interested in full-field footage of the 2017 Southwest Virginia District: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPUJJPXRAlEQJIk_yR2F0yodC09F7wa80

From what I have heard FIRSTWA will be uploading Week 1 videos sometime this week. Hopefully Mr. V or another FIRSTWA staff can confirm this, as I really want to see our match videos from an angle besides from behind the glass. (Don’t get me wrong, its always fun behind the glass, but actually being able to watch the matches would be great…)

yeah but we’re looking for good events



Does anyone know when / if granite state and waterbury match vods will be uploaded?

Don’t plan on too many West Valley matches. The beginning matches weren’t being recorded as there were more important tech issues being ironed out :-/

Is match 58 and eliminations at least recorded?

It seems that every year both West Valley and Central get the short end of the stick when it comes to match recordings/streams…

also, do you have any idea if there will be more photos uploaded? Right now there is only 6 photos uploaded, and i know there was staff all weekend taking photos…

I’m not 100% sure about the details (my dad was the Tech Director, and he told me what was going on), but he did mention that he was trying to record every match for Saturday matches (And, I’m pretty sure 58 was run Saturday).

As for everything else, I’m not sure. I don’t want to spread rumors of any kind, but the main issue I heard from West Valley was a lack of volunteers (at least for the A/V team, not sure about other areas).

I don’t know anything about the pictures, sorry.

If i wasn’t on drive team i’d definitely volunteer for A/V. if there was more events in Eastern WA that we didnt go to i’d help, but its limiting being on the far end of most events…

We have a few videos that our team recorded of our matches on Sunday at Auburn Mountainview District… but yeah, I was hoping for the videos being posted to the Washington FIRST youtube page as well.

Sorry I missed this I started another thread. I am looking forward to West valley videos.

Update for West Valley:
The West Valley match videos will be uploaded Thursday (during Wilsonville setup)