where there any issues with getting the correct score this weekend

I was watching the matches on the webcasts this weekend and it occurred to me

in the past, when a match was over, it was easy to tell which bot was on which alliance because you can see the color of the dome light

but this year, when the match ends, do the blinking lights stay on with your team colors?

is it obvious to the refs which bot is from which team?

cant help but wonder if there were any mixups this weekend with points given due to this?

also - if a bot is disabled do the lights go off? can you tell from the stands if a bot has been disabled by the refs during the match?

When we were testing our robot the lights stayed on when it was disabled.

This is only speculation, but I would guess that IFI leaves the lights on - they aren’t hooked up to Relay or PWM outputs, and thus aren’t subject to being disabled.

Well I was at BAE in manchester the lights do remain on after the match is over.

I think that the robots are fairly easy to identify because you are required to have your team number and name of the robot.

I didn’t see any mixups with the score but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any.

didn’t see any one get diabled so I don’t know if they stay on.

The lights only remain on after the robot is turned off. It draws power off the backup battery.

Am I also correct in saying that the lights flash diffrent patterns depending on what part of the match in currently bieng played (auto mode, driver mode, when the match over, and before it starts), and when you are teathred? I believe this is right from my observations during the weekend.