Where to buy 2003 Joysticks

Where can I order 2003 joysticks? Those nice, simple ones… the only similar ones I found online were IBM Flightstick joysticks but those are about $44 each.

BAM! http://www.ifirobotics.com/accessories.htm

I’ve looked all over and haven’t found a single retailer.

Oh, wow. Does that work?

I don’t know if the old joysticks work with the new controller but he asked for 2003 joysticks and so I gave the link. Here’s a link of a few more places to get them.


Now how’s that for fast service. :slight_smile:


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http://computerdigger.com/c/CH_Products/CH_Flightstick_2_Button_Joystick_Black_For_IBM_PC_At_B000050ZS8.htm there here for only 14.99

Follow the link. All Amazon stores are out of stock for this item.

hey sorry about that guys i did not notice they were out of stock

has anyone tested them to see if they do work ??

( excuse me if this has been asked … i did run a search and did not find anything )


/edit: the closest thread i found was this

The joysticks we’re provided are standard computer video game joysticks. The OIs were designed to be able to work with standard analog joysticks. The pinout is pretty standard. You can check the documented pinouts in this year’s and last year’s Operator Interfaces, but it’s not really necessary.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you can just use any joystick as an input device. On a computer, some types of joysticks require you to install a seperate driver. This is because the specific joystick doesn’t output signals in the same manner as a standard joystick. The computer needs the driver in order to properly interpret the signals.

In essence, if you can find an fairly old joystick, it’ll probably work fine. If you have problems with a joystick, open it up and see how it works. Using the OI’s documentation, you can use a multimeter to see if the joystick is outputting the proper signals on the proper pins.

Hrm. I hope this was clear enough. I doubt it was. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

By any chance are do you guys know of a link that would carry south paw (lefty) joysticks. Doesn’t really matter what they are as long as they are compatable with this years program as well as this year’s south paw driver. :wink: Thanks for your help guys, as always CD is for me!