Where to buy ADXRS450 Gyro


Our team is using the ADXRS450 Gyro that came in the Kit of Parts. It’s great and really easy to use, so we want to get another one, but we’re not sure where we can buy another one. Does anyone know about this?




It would appear that AndyMark no longer carries this product. Has this part been discontinued by the manufacturer?


We usually have gotten ours from digikey:


Note the orientation of this packaging is different than some others, see the datasheet for how the sensor should mount.

As an aside, we’ve actually used the 453 most years: more accurate and better noise rejection, but register- and pin- compatible (so all the 450 software libraries should work just fine)



Thanks, I’ll order a few of the 453’s. It would appear that the 450 is offered in a vertical package. I would assume that this version of the 450 requires a different mounting orientation as your suggest.

A little bit of soldering with the 453 should allow direct plug-in to the robo-rio SPI terminals and our existing code should work.


Yup, from reading the datasheet I presume so. Full disclosure, I’ve never actually tried this in person.




Hi there!
ADI engineer here! The gyro board has not been discontinued. However, due to some logistical problems, they are only available on FIRST Choice this year.

That being said, since we know a lot of teams prefer to have spares of any part used on their robot, the design files for these boards (as well as our two FRC IMU boards) and a bill of materials will be made available shortly so teams can have them manufactured through OSH Park. We also occasionally have them as giveaways on various FIRST Updates Now shows.

@juchong can provide more details on the design files, since he designed all three of these boards. Information will also be made available at wiki.analog.com/first when it becomes available. We also have some user guides for all of the sensors for Java, C++, and LabVIEW.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!


I just updated the repository to include the 2019 PCB design documents and links to the OSH Park page. https://github.com/juchong/ADXRS450-FRC-Gyro-Board


Keep in mind that the vertical version of the XRS450 also changes the measurement axis! I highly recommend the SOIC version (same version I used on the gyro boards) since it’s easier to solder.


The XRS453 version has a “two point” temperature calibration built-in from the factory, hence the higher cost. For most FRC applications, even the 450 is “good enough” for basic autonomous routines.