Where to buy aluminum extrusion in St Louis area

Hello teams,

We are going to St Louis tomorrow and we are afraid that we wont be able to take our long (~70") aluminum extrusion on the plane (we are going from brazil) as luggage.

If it happens, we would like to know where we can find some at St Louis area, we will have a car there.

We need 3/8" rounded tubes…

Thank you!

I wonder why you need a 70 inch 3/8 tube :confused: I smell a can burglar :smiley:

no no no, you know, we have to raise our country’s flag! this is just a pole…


Buy a Push Broom, take the handle off (attach flag to the wooden staff), then donate the broom to a local team, a team w/ a trailer, or just put it in your robot crate afterwards for shipping home…Same thing if you do decide to get that 70" long flag staff…into the crate afterwards. Home Depot should have what you are looking for. And you can then leave your pit space fully broom clean afterwards!


Order it from Mcmaster and ship it to your hotel. It will be there next day from Chicago.

If we were to order it, would it be safe to choose Ground shipping to get it to our hotel on Wednesday? Should we use next-day air at this point? We need to have to package when we get there on Wednesday.

Their standard shipping will get it next day.